I hate to be that person

I really do, but apparently the only way we get results now a days is by complaining about it on the internet. So here I go.

As everyone is painfully aware, tomorrow is the presidential election.

The first one I am able to vote in (what timing huh). So I was the responsible US citizen and sent out for my absentee ballot months ago.

I received it in late September, and cast my vote my marking a dot while laying on my bed (anticlimactic isn’t it?).

I did my American duty and sent it out. Around the beginning of October.

Imagine my surprise when my roommate walked in from the mailbox holding, you guessed it, my absentee ballot.

So I called my local election office and the only way it will count is if I bring it in before polls close at 8pm tomorrow. IN NEW JERSEY.

My only option at this point was overnighting it. (Mind you it was already 4:30).

Cue grabbing keys and running out the door like a madwoman.

I get to the post office and thank god I’m annoying because the window was already closed and I kept calling out “hello” until the pair of hands I saw opened raised the window blinds.

Turns out, the wrong addressed was scanned (Oh I love technology) and somehow my ballot was floating around in the great beyond that is our postal system for a MONTH and was dropped back in my lap the DAY BEFORE the election.

As any good American would, I overnighted my ballot to make sure my vote counted. That was a pretty penny out of my bank account.

Once was all said and done, I called customer service to see if my claim would hold any merit and bring those numbers in my back account back up.

Alas, I only found more disappointment.

Since I sent the ballot out in the REGULAR mail a MONTH before the election, I have no grounds because there was no initial receipt. Unless my ballot gets there tomorrow later than the appointed time, I fall fault to the technology of the postal system.

Now I understand mistakes happen, I do. I make them constantly. But there is no reason that my ballot should have been floating around for a MONTH let alone having been scanned incorrectly in the first place (and no it was not miss-addressed because a mail-in ballot is a pre-printed envelope). And if it wasn’t a presidential election (and my first one) I probably would have been a little more understanding today. But it’s Monday and understanding went out the window hours ago.

I’m writing this in hopes that someone who knows someone tells someone who works at the postal service. I appreciate the postal service and they’re great. But I think with all of the technology and such that we have today, mis-read addresses, especially something that says “Board of Elections,” is ridiculous. Especially if it says “Board of Elections” the day before THE election.



Good weekend, Great friends

See these people?

I have, more or less, spent the last 72 hours with these people.

We’ve spent countless hours in the car together, yelled at each other about missing turns, shared two bathrooms between all of us, and laughed so hard that we nearly cried.

I was able to become closer with people I’ve known for years (including my best friend who  [is not pictured but] drove two hours to come see me and hang out with us for a day or so), I got to know others a little better, and made some new friends in between.

When we started planning this trip back in, I guess it was August, it felt like it was never going to happen. Two condos fell through and the guest list kept changing.

But, somehow, we all survived midterms and six hour car trips from Athens (or Kennesaw) to Amelia Island, Florida.

God I was so happy to see the beach. I ran to the ocean at 11pm the night I got there and almost started crying (my friends must have thought me to be slightly mental).

Then we spent the “actual” day of our fall break there. Taking in the sun, enjoying the quiet, and walking by the water. We rotated between falling in and out of sleep all day. It may not have been Frat Beach but it was exactly what all of us needed.

The next day we started the trek to Jacksonville for the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party (no, NOT the Rivercity showdown or whatever nonsense our PC culture was trying to rename this famed past time). And our set up was pretty sweet. We had two tents, corn hole (which I am terrible at), the grill going, and packed coolers. We improved immensely from last year.

Then there was the game. Well. I don’t know if “game” is the right word.

On the bright side I ran into some friends I haven’t seen in a while and we had really good seats.

There’s always next year right?

(I’ve done a lot of car trips in my life but nothing is more exhausting than the ride back from Everbank Stadium).

As for today, we powered through cleaning up, grabbed some food (Whataburger by demanding request), and hit the road.

This weekend was filled with some surprises, some let downs, some laughs, and some amazing memories (and really quality pictures).

Hopefully we can make this a tradition as most of us are seniors or have already graduated.  I’m 99% sure none would be opposed.

After all, what’s better than some friends, football, and the beach?

I really can’t think of anything better.


Greek Grind

For those of you who don’t know what that is, it’s a fundraiser put on by SDT where all the sororities of UGA show off their best dance moves every fall.

I, however, am not one of those girls (my sister constantly reminds me that I have no rhythm). So I took to the audience last night.

My Little, however, has moves like I could never dream to have.

She was the co-captain of the team.

She helped choreograph the dance.

She made what they did in front of thousands of people look easy.

So yeah, she’s pretty cool.

As is the experience of Greek Grind as a whole.

You make posters, you wear way too much glitter, and you scream with your sisters for your sisters on stage (throat still hurts). And it’s all for a great cause (overall SDT raised $100,000).

And this was our first year participating in Greek Grind.

I have to say, we did a hell of a job.

We won the banner contest (our banner chair is amazement personified), we won the BOGO bra competition, and we took two awards last night.

Our Greek Grind guy was voted the favorite and we came in second for spirit points. Which means we received $500 toward our own philanthropy. Not too bad for some first timers huh?

I have to say that I’m kind of sad that it took me until senior year to get to this event. But I am so blessed that the first time I witnessed it, the girls I call my sisters were able to compete in it.

(If all goes well and I’m here for grad school next year maybe my Little can snag me a ticket)

After watching all of them last night, I had that fleeting thought of “wow, maybe I could do that.”

Then reality set in and I remembered that the only body coordination I have is when I’m playing lacrosse.

So I leave the dancing to the girls who rocked it on the stage and I’ll continue to scream my head off from the balcony.



Alex, tonight is your big-little reveal

And I am so beyond excited for you. 

You’ll have something I didn’t get the opportunity to have, a big. 

I’m sure whoever it is will be there to guide you through the craziness that is Greek life. 

You’ll soon find out that being part of a sisterhood is unlike anything you could have imagined. 

(Being a new member versus a sister is a while new ball game) 

Slightly jealous you get to experience it a little longer than me, but I wouldn’t trade what and who I’ve found for the world. 

I hope you find sisters who buy you food at 1 am because your bank account really is at zero (oops). 

I want you to eat ice cream and watch bad movies with them. 

I hope you find that person who loves something as much as you do and will want experience it with you. 

I want you to rock themed date nights and dance all night at socials. 

I hope in case you need a shoulder to cry on, that someone comes rushing to your aid (because as much as I wish three hours was three minutes it’s not). 

I want you to love every single second of it. 

So you gain a big tonight and many sisters in time to come. 

But remember, even though you’re her Little, you’re still my little sister (and so much cooler than I could ever hope to be). 

Have so much fun tonight and I hope your Big loves you as much as I do. 

Love your Big Sister

It’s about that time

That time of year when I start to miss all things New Jersey.

(It didn’t help that I came across emails in my inbox from high school from people whom I haven’t spoken to in years [who were once a big part of my life]. It gives you perspective)

I miss walking on the boardwalk, especially now because the weather is cool up there (unlike here. I’m done with sweating at 11 am).

There really is no substitute for a pork roll, egg, and cheese on a freshly made bagel (which are IMPOSSIBLE to find in Georgia. No Einstein does not count) with a cup of Rook coffee (thank god I was able to bring some of that down here).

I want to go apple picking and there is no where around Athens short of driving up into the mountains to go do it (granted my Mom sent me apples from Upstate [NY] and they’re delicious but it’s not the same).

I’m missing late night runs to Inkwell and their chai tea overflowing with whipped cream (Starbucks just doesn’t cut it).

My sister is starting to feel it too, so at least I know I’m not the only one who’s starting to get a little nostalgic.

There is a bright side however.

Amy and Tony will be landing in Athens around 2 pm on Friday! So I’ve got a tiny part of Jersey coming down to visit me.

The best part is that we’re making sauce on Friday night (and if I have to explain what “sauce” is, then you don’t know me very well). My friends have been sending me gifs about how excited they are for it all week.

That’s also something I never expected. I never expected for my friends to like hanging out with me and my parents (which I’m super grateful for). They enjoy not only hanging out with me, but my family as well. Which is pretty cool because these people are the family I have here. They’re the people who have chosen to be part of my life. They’re the people whose pictures are taped up on my wall and make me feel wanted in this part of the country I have grown to love.

I mean, there are very few people who will yell at the TV with me at 10 at night, come up with mottos for senior year (as we internally cry because we’re seniors), share my love of Star Wars, and everything else in between.

So until my parents get here, I’ll be listening to my home radio station via a phone app, I’ll eat some of the frozen pizza (I smuggled across the Mason Dixon Line) that’s in my freezer (which I’m starting to run low on), and fry up some pork roll (because thank the lord Publix carries this amazing creation).


p.s. in case anyone wants a little more perspective on where I’m from, Click Here


Au Revoir Bayou

That was one whirlwind of a weekend. 

I went through two states I had never been in before and stayed in a new one as well. 

I can now say I’ve walked down Bourbon Street and eaten beignets with chicory coffee. 

Not to mention, I experienced Death Valley at night. As as exciting and electrifying as the atmosphere was, it’s no Georgia game. As if I didn’t know already, my heart truly bleeds Red and Black (I was screaming at the radio broadcast on the drive back to Lockport last night). 

But I did get to see my best friends little sister for the first time since July (she’s a freshman at LSU). More or less attacked her with a hug. 

This trip was one for the books though. I said to my friend earlier if you had asked me in high school all of the things I would do in  college, I wouldn’t even no where to start. 

Never did I think I would tackle Baton Rouge and New Orleans in one weekend. And I have class tomorrow (super excited about that). Then I head to Oxford next weekend to watch the Dawgs take on the Rebels. 

Now we embark on our eightish hour drive back to Athens. So if anyone wants to kill some time, hit a sista up 

Hello from NOLA

Otherwise known as New Orleans. Which is where I am currently. 

I left Athens this morning on two hours of sleep, jumped in my friends car, and headed west. 

Eight hours later we crossed into Louisiana and headed to New Orleans. 

Thus far I have walked down Bourbon Street, had lunch (and a hurricane) at Pat O’Brian’s, and had beignets at the (original) Cafe du Monde. (Those beignets were seriously some of the best things I have ever eaten). 

This is only day one and a couple of hours in to my Louisiana weekend. My friend is a native and showing me all I need to see. 

Far as I know we have to hit a drive-thru daquiri stand (apparently that’s a thing here) and we’re going to some BBQ place for dinner (after a MUCH needed nap). 

Currently we’re waiting out the rain to see a church (apparently it’s his favorite church) then we’re headed to Baton Rouge (where hopefully the weather is a little better). 

As for tomorrow, the Tigers take on the Mississippi State Bulldogs in Death Valley at 7:30. It’s also their SEC opener (I’m so excited I can’t handle it). So I get to see LSU’s home SEC opener at NIGHT. 

So I’ve made it through three states in one day (all of which I have never been in) and I’m running on about maybe four hours of sleep and threeish cups of coffee. 

I have A LOT of weekend left a head of me. And surprise! We just walked into the NATIONAL WWII history museum! My inner history nerd is so happy.