Alex, tonight is your big-little reveal

And I am so beyond excited for you. 

You’ll have something I didn’t get the opportunity to have, a big. 

I’m sure whoever it is will be there to guide you through the craziness that is Greek life. 

You’ll soon find out that being part of a sisterhood is unlike anything you could have imagined. 

(Being a new member versus a sister is a while new ball game) 

Slightly jealous you get to experience it a little longer than me, but I wouldn’t trade what and who I’ve found for the world. 

I hope you find sisters who buy you food at 1 am because your bank account really is at zero (oops). 

I want you to eat ice cream and watch bad movies with them. 

I hope you find that person who loves something as much as you do and will want experience it with you. 

I want you to rock themed date nights and dance all night at socials. 

I hope in case you need a shoulder to cry on, that someone comes rushing to your aid (because as much as I wish three hours was three minutes it’s not). 

I want you to love every single second of it. 

So you gain a big tonight and many sisters in time to come. 

But remember, even though you’re her Little, you’re still my little sister (and so much cooler than I could ever hope to be). 

Have so much fun tonight and I hope your Big loves you as much as I do. 

Love your Big Sister

It’s about that time

That time of year when I start to miss all things New Jersey.

(It didn’t help that I came across emails in my inbox from high school from people whom I haven’t spoken to in years [who were once a big part of my life]. It gives you perspective)

I miss walking on the boardwalk, especially now because the weather is cool up there (unlike here. I’m done with sweating at 11 am).

There really is no substitute for a pork roll, egg, and cheese on a freshly made bagel (which are IMPOSSIBLE to find in Georgia. No Einstein does not count) with a cup of Rook coffee (thank god I was able to bring some of that down here).

I want to go apple picking and there is no where around Athens short of driving up into the mountains to go do it (granted my Mom sent me apples from Upstate [NY] and they’re delicious but it’s not the same).

I’m missing late night runs to Inkwell and their chai tea overflowing with whipped cream (Starbucks just doesn’t cut it).

My sister is starting to feel it too, so at least I know I’m not the only one who’s starting to get a little nostalgic.

There is a bright side however.

Amy and Tony will be landing in Athens around 2 pm on Friday! So I’ve got a tiny part of Jersey coming down to visit me.

The best part is that we’re making sauce on Friday night (and if I have to explain what “sauce” is, then you don’t know me very well). My friends have been sending me gifs about how excited they are for it all week.

That’s also something I never expected. I never expected for my friends to like hanging out with me and my parents (which I’m super grateful for). They enjoy not only hanging out with me, but my family as well. Which is pretty cool because these people are the family I have here. They’re the people who have chosen to be part of my life. They’re the people whose pictures are taped up on my wall and make me feel wanted in this part of the country I have grown to love.

I mean, there are very few people who will yell at the TV with me at 10 at night, come up with mottos for senior year (as we internally cry because we’re seniors), share my love of Star Wars, and everything else in between.

So until my parents get here, I’ll be listening to my home radio station via a phone app, I’ll eat some of the frozen pizza (I smuggled across the Mason Dixon Line) that’s in my freezer (which I’m starting to run low on), and fry up some pork roll (because thank the lord Publix carries this amazing creation).


p.s. in case anyone wants a little more perspective on where I’m from, Click Here


Au Revoir Bayou

That was one whirlwind of a weekend. 

I went through two states I had never been in before and stayed in a new one as well. 

I can now say I’ve walked down Bourbon Street and eaten beignets with chicory coffee. 

Not to mention, I experienced Death Valley at night. As as exciting and electrifying as the atmosphere was, it’s no Georgia game. As if I didn’t know already, my heart truly bleeds Red and Black (I was screaming at the radio broadcast on the drive back to Lockport last night). 

But I did get to see my best friends little sister for the first time since July (she’s a freshman at LSU). More or less attacked her with a hug. 

This trip was one for the books though. I said to my friend earlier if you had asked me in high school all of the things I would do in  college, I wouldn’t even no where to start. 

Never did I think I would tackle Baton Rouge and New Orleans in one weekend. And I have class tomorrow (super excited about that). Then I head to Oxford next weekend to watch the Dawgs take on the Rebels. 

Now we embark on our eightish hour drive back to Athens. So if anyone wants to kill some time, hit a sista up 

Hello from NOLA

Otherwise known as New Orleans. Which is where I am currently. 

I left Athens this morning on two hours of sleep, jumped in my friends car, and headed west. 

Eight hours later we crossed into Louisiana and headed to New Orleans. 

Thus far I have walked down Bourbon Street, had lunch (and a hurricane) at Pat O’Brian’s, and had beignets at the (original) Cafe du Monde. (Those beignets were seriously some of the best things I have ever eaten). 

This is only day one and a couple of hours in to my Louisiana weekend. My friend is a native and showing me all I need to see. 

Far as I know we have to hit a drive-thru daquiri stand (apparently that’s a thing here) and we’re going to some BBQ place for dinner (after a MUCH needed nap). 

Currently we’re waiting out the rain to see a church (apparently it’s his favorite church) then we’re headed to Baton Rouge (where hopefully the weather is a little better). 

As for tomorrow, the Tigers take on the Mississippi State Bulldogs in Death Valley at 7:30. It’s also their SEC opener (I’m so excited I can’t handle it). So I get to see LSU’s home SEC opener at NIGHT. 

So I’ve made it through three states in one day (all of which I have never been in) and I’m running on about maybe four hours of sleep and threeish cups of coffee. 

I have A LOT of weekend left a head of me. And surprise! We just walked into the NATIONAL WWII history museum! My inner history nerd is so happy. 

Table for one

There are few things in life that I truly do not like.

One of them is eating dinner by myself.

Breakfast, I’m running around between bites of cereal and sips of coffee trying to get dressed, pack a gym bag, and make sure I don’t forget my computer charger.

Lunch, most of the time I’m eating as I’m walking to work or between classes.

Dinner. That’s when I finally have a chance to sit down. Alone. Watching Food Network.

I never really noticed this extreme dislike until my sophomore year of college. Freshman year we would go in big groups together more or less every night. If we didn’t, you always had a buddy or ran into someone you knew.

Then I moved off campus and found myself eating at my desk while highlighting political science notes. That’s when I realized I hate eating dinner alone.

I think it’s because no matter how late it was, my mom had us all sit around the table to eat dinner together (I’ve had dinner at 9:30 before. Time truly did not matter). And I’m grateful for that.

Growing up it was either all four of us, the three of us, and once a week we’d go to someone’s house for dinner or they’d come to my house. It was really nice.

I guess eating dinner by yourself is something else high school fails to prepare you for in college.

Now I don’t always eat alone. My friend came over last night and I go out from time to time. But going out gets expensive and I don’t want leftovers to go to waste. And as we get more into the semester meeting up for the end of the day meal gets harder and harder.

I’ve definitely become much more grateful for the meals I spend talking to and looking at a person than watching someone on TV and making comments to no one in particular.

Hopefully as I get older and my life gets a little more in control, I won’t eat as many dinners by myself.

And hey, if anyone ever wants to cook or just bring over leftovers, I’m game.



Almost at the 24 hour mark Dawg Nation


Georgia football returns. Tomorrow.

While we won’t be teeing it up between the Hedges, we’ll still be wearing our red home jerseys.

And I could not be more excited.

(Safe to say I haven’t done much besides watch hype videos and make sure I don’t forget to pack anything for when I head to Atlanta)

Tomorrow is not only the start to the 2016 football season, it’s also the start to my SENIOR football season.

This time three years ago I had never been to a Georgia game. Our first game of the season in 2013 was against Clemson at Clemson. So I went home with my roommate for the weekend because I had no where else to go for Labor Day.

I remember watching the game in her basement with her parents as they were screaming at the TV. To be honest, I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know who this team was. I didn’t know who these players were. I was lost.

Then it all changed.

The next weekend we had our home opener against South Carolina.

I still remember the sense of awe I had walking into Sanford Stadium for my first collegiate football game. It was an energy I had never felt before.

And by the end of it I was part of it too.

I was tired. I was sweaty. My throat was sore form yelling “Go Dawgs.” I knew I was in the right place.

Ever since that day my heart has bled Red and Black (I mean I work for the Athletic department. It’s pretty much my job to love the Dawgs).

A girl from suburbia New Jersey who went to one high school football game and watched one college football game in her whole life, became a believer.

A believer in that there’s something magical about those silver britches and “Glory, Glory.” A believer in that s school can have pride in themselves and fight so hard for it. A believer in Georgia football.

At this point I probably sound a little ridiculous but that’s how people act when it comes to something they love. And I love Georgia football. I’ll love it for the rest of my life.

So here’s to the 2016 season!

Go Dawgs!


Pillow thoughts 

Most would assume that the most thinking a person does is during the day. 

When they’re at work, school, etc. Their brains are focused on their current challenge and hard at work. 

While I believe that people work hard during the day, I’ve tended to notice something else. 

I do most of my thinking when I’m supposed to be unwinding for the day. I find everything I pushed to the far depths of my mind during the day screaming at me as soon as I turn the lights off. 

Things I don’t put a second thought to during the day keep me tossing and turning as I try to fall asleep (granted I had A LOT of sugar tonight but that’s never seemed to affect me before). 

Irrational thoughts that make my eyes fly open only to realize that it’s completely out of my control and there’s nothing I can do about it at 11:42 on a Sunday night from the confines of my bed. 

Sleep alludes me as I type this. How do I turn the “thinking” off? If I think about these random instances during the day I wouldn’t get anything done. Yet here they are rearing their ugly heads as I try to quiet my mind. 

At this point I can only hope that putting some of this frustration in writing can help alleviate my problem. It feels like these random things are ping ponging across the sides of my mind. 

They range from insignificant things like “oh maybe I should have done more of the dishes” to my contemplating how I’m going to fit a hundred different things into one day and worry about upsetting someone if I can’t do one of them. 

See? I’m all over the place.  

I guess my only hope at this point is to find perfect comfy (if you don’t get the reference watch Ben Bailey on Netflix) and try to tell my mind to shut up and let me sleep. 

Pleasant dreams everyone