I’m feelin’ (almost) 22

Somehow my 21st year is nearly at its end. 

I have to say it was a heck of a lot better than 20 (which I was mostly miserable for). 

21 has taught me a lot of things. 

It taught me that hangovers just get worse (unfortunately). 

It taught me that even if you haven’t seen someone in five years, when you meet again it’s as if no time has passed. 

It taught me that most first dates are terrible. And if the first one is bad the second one isn’t going to be much better. 

It taught me that doing things spur of the moment (like driving five hours to Nashville for a weekend) can provide you with some amazing memories. 

It taught me that I can’t always be the one giving in a relaxation shop. 

It taught me that people from your past can pop up unexpectedly after years of no communication. 

It taught me that hard work truely does pay off. 

It taught me that sometimes you have to grin and bare it even if you’re frustrated beyond belief. 

It taught me that no matter how old I get I will still call my mother at least six times a day. 

It taught me that the people you meet in college are there for you through it all. 

It taught me that going out for drinks doesn’t have to be an all night rager where you blackout (happy hour is a lot nicer to my head). 

It taught me some people changes and some never will. 

It taught me to continue to be that “annoying friend” (the one who always calls and tries to make plans even if they fall through some times). 

It has taught me that and so much more. 

So I started my last day of 21 with coffee in a BB-8 mug and Chick-til-A. I’d say I’m ending on a high note. 


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