It’s the Most Stressful time of the year

Yes, it’s that lovely time when Thanksgiving break is over and Christmas break has yet to start.

And what fills that lovely time? Projects, papers, and finals.

You know, for about 45 minutes yesterday I thought I had my life together. What a blissful 45 minutes it was. I was even able to close my eyes for 15 of them.

Then, of course, the world came crashing down. Cue running all over the place, hitting traffic, parking and hoping not to get a ticket, and having meetings that last way too long.

From there it has only gotten worse.

I didn’t sleep.

I woke up at 4 am panicking about everything I have to do.

It’s pouring (why didn’t I stay in bed?).

I have way too much to do in a short period of time.

The only bright spot is that my professor must have sensed the anxiety brewing on campus because he brought in coffee and donuts. Praise the lord for caffeine and sugar.

So even though I don’t have any finals, I may or may not spontaneously combust between now and next Tuesday. If I make it to my birthday next Friday (or back to New Jersey in general) will be nothing short of a miracle.

Now my professor wants to talk about the FUTURE and what our PLAN is. HA! Can I make it through the next week first please? That’s all I ask.

Send prayers and pizza for your girl.




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