On this day three years ago I was three months into my freshman year of college. Still a little unsure about where I was headed in this massive entity that is college.

It was a Thursday, and I remember that because I didn’t have classes that day (that and my friends say I have a ridiculous memory). I’m not sure why I was there (because I always did homework in my dorm) or how I even heard about it (because I’m sure there wasn’t any advertising for it in my gen. ed. classes).

Somehow I found myself, severely underdressed, sitting in something called AdPr Connection. Which I would later come to find out is one of Grady’s largest events of the year. Complete with various workshops and an intensive career fair.

And here I was. A freshman. Wearing jeans surrounded by juniors and seniors decked out in blazers and oxfords.

I sat in on a few workshops, having no clue what I was doing there, and flipped through the pamphlet which held the names of those participating at the career fair.

One name caught my eye. Mike Mobley: UGA Athletic Association.

So I googled him (because we live in the 21st century) and found out he worked in basketball. Perfect. I managed high school basketball for the last three years.

After the workshops were over, I naviaged through Tate Grand Hall to find  where this UGAA rep was supposed to be at. I was met by an empty table.

So I waited five, ten minutes. And I was getting disheartened. My Mom told me to stick it out for 20 or so more minutes, which I did, and Mike showed up (Thanks Mom, I owe ya).

Imagine his surprise when a freshman was the first person waiting to talk to him in a room full of juniors and seniors.

So he gave me a Georgiadogs notepad (which I still have) and told me to find him at the women’s basketball game the following day.

The next day I made my way onto the court in Stegeman (as close as security would let me) and met up with Mike. I was given the first of many press passes and got a tour of Stegeman. From then on, I was hooked.

Fast forward to right now. Over the last three years I’ve worked SEC tournaments and championships, NCAA regional championships, SEC Media Days, and more games than I can count. I’ve been on sidelines, the field at Sanford, interviewed players on Foley Field after a game, and so much more.

I never would have thought having nothing to do on Thursday afternoon would lead me to find what I want to do for the rest of my life. I guess I owe it to being an overeager freshman and luck.

Mike has been an invaluable resource, friend, and mentor for me. He has opened the door for me to do so much, meet so many people, and show me what I’m capable of in the world of college athletics.

To all of you freshman who don’t know what you want to do and find your self with a free afternoon, walk around campus. Pop into workshops. And if you want to meet someone, hang around. You never know what it could lead to.



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