I hate to be that person

I really do, but apparently the only way we get results now a days is by complaining about it on the internet. So here I go.

As everyone is painfully aware, tomorrow is the presidential election.

The first one I am able to vote in (what timing huh). So I was the responsible US citizen and sent out for my absentee ballot months ago.

I received it in late September, and cast my vote my marking a dot while laying on my bed (anticlimactic isn’t it?).

I did my American duty and sent it out. Around the beginning of October.

Imagine my surprise when my roommate walked in from the mailbox holding, you guessed it, my absentee ballot.

So I called my local election office and the only way it will count is if I bring it in before polls close at 8pm tomorrow. IN NEW JERSEY.

My only option at this point was overnighting it. (Mind you it was already 4:30).

Cue grabbing keys and running out the door like a madwoman.

I get to the post office and thank god I’m annoying because the window was already closed and I kept calling out “hello” until the pair of hands I saw opened raised the window blinds.

Turns out, the wrong addressed was scanned (Oh I love technology) and somehow my ballot was floating around in the great beyond that is our postal system for a MONTH and was dropped back in my lap the DAY BEFORE the election.

As any good American would, I overnighted my ballot to make sure my vote counted. That was a pretty penny out of my bank account.

Once was all said and done, I called customer service to see if my claim would hold any merit and bring those numbers in my back account back up.

Alas, I only found more disappointment.

Since I sent the ballot out in the REGULAR mail a MONTH before the election, I have no grounds because there was no initial receipt. Unless my ballot gets there tomorrow later than the appointed time, I fall fault to the technology of the postal system.

Now I understand mistakes happen, I do. I make them constantly. But there is no reason that my ballot should have been floating around for a MONTH let alone having been scanned incorrectly in the first place (and no it was not miss-addressed because a mail-in ballot is a pre-printed envelope). And if it wasn’t a presidential election (and my first one) I probably would have been a little more understanding today. But it’s Monday and understanding went out the window hours ago.

I’m writing this in hopes that someone who knows someone tells someone who works at the postal service. I appreciate the postal service and they’re great. But I think with all of the technology and such that we have today, mis-read addresses, especially something that says “Board of Elections,” is ridiculous. Especially if it says “Board of Elections” the day before THE election.



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