Good weekend, Great friends

See these people?

I have, more or less, spent the last 72 hours with these people.

We’ve spent countless hours in the car together, yelled at each other about missing turns, shared two bathrooms between all of us, and laughed so hard that we nearly cried.

I was able to become closer with people I’ve known for years (including my best friend who  [is not pictured but] drove two hours to come see me and hang out with us for a day or so), I got to know others a little better, and made some new friends in between.

When we started planning this trip back in, I guess it was August, it felt like it was never going to happen. Two condos fell through and the guest list kept changing.

But, somehow, we all survived midterms and six hour car trips from Athens (or Kennesaw) to Amelia Island, Florida.

God I was so happy to see the beach. I ran to the ocean at 11pm the night I got there and almost started crying (my friends must have thought me to be slightly mental).

Then we spent the “actual” day of our fall break there. Taking in the sun, enjoying the quiet, and walking by the water. We rotated between falling in and out of sleep all day. It may not have been Frat Beach but it was exactly what all of us needed.

The next day we started the trek to Jacksonville for the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party (no, NOT the Rivercity showdown or whatever nonsense our PC culture was trying to rename this famed past time). And our set up was pretty sweet. We had two tents, corn hole (which I am terrible at), the grill going, and packed coolers. We improved immensely from last year.

Then there was the game. Well. I don’t know if “game” is the right word.

On the bright side I ran into some friends I haven’t seen in a while and we had really good seats.

There’s always next year right?

(I’ve done a lot of car trips in my life but nothing is more exhausting than the ride back from Everbank Stadium).

As for today, we powered through cleaning up, grabbed some food (Whataburger by demanding request), and hit the road.

This weekend was filled with some surprises, some let downs, some laughs, and some amazing memories (and really quality pictures).

Hopefully we can make this a tradition as most of us are seniors or have already graduated.  I’m 99% sure none would be opposed.

After all, what’s better than some friends, football, and the beach?

I really can’t think of anything better.



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