It’s about that time

That time of year when I start to miss all things New Jersey.

(It didn’t help that I came across emails in my inbox from high school from people whom I haven’t spoken to in years [who were once a big part of my life]. It gives you perspective)

I miss walking on the boardwalk, especially now because the weather is cool up there (unlike here. I’m done with sweating at 11 am).

There really is no substitute for a pork roll, egg, and cheese on a freshly made bagel (which are IMPOSSIBLE to find in Georgia. No Einstein does not count) with a cup of Rook coffee (thank god I was able to bring some of that down here).

I want to go apple picking and there is no where around Athens short of driving up into the mountains to go do it (granted my Mom sent me apples from Upstate [NY] and they’re delicious but it’s not the same).

I’m missing late night runs to Inkwell and their chai tea overflowing with whipped cream (Starbucks just doesn’t cut it).

My sister is starting to feel it too, so at least I know I’m not the only one who’s starting to get a little nostalgic.

There is a bright side however.

Amy and Tony will be landing in Athens around 2 pm on Friday! So I’ve got a tiny part of Jersey coming down to visit me.

The best part is that we’re making sauce on Friday night (and if I have to explain what “sauce” is, then you don’t know me very well). My friends have been sending me gifs about how excited they are for it all week.

That’s also something I never expected. I never expected for my friends to like hanging out with me and my parents (which I’m super grateful for). They enjoy not only hanging out with me, but my family as well. Which is pretty cool because these people are the family I have here. They’re the people who have chosen to be part of my life. They’re the people whose pictures are taped up on my wall and make me feel wanted in this part of the country I have grown to love.

I mean, there are very few people who will yell at the TV with me at 10 at night, come up with mottos for senior year (as we internally cry because we’re seniors), share my love of Star Wars, and everything else in between.

So until my parents get here, I’ll be listening to my home radio station via a phone app, I’ll eat some of the frozen pizza (I smuggled across the Mason Dixon Line) that’s in my freezer (which I’m starting to run low on), and fry up some pork roll (because thank the lord Publix carries this amazing creation).


p.s. in case anyone wants a little more perspective on where I’m from, Click Here



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