Au Revoir Bayou

That was one whirlwind of a weekend. 

I went through two states I had never been in before and stayed in a new one as well. 

I can now say I’ve walked down Bourbon Street and eaten beignets with chicory coffee. 

Not to mention, I experienced Death Valley at night. As as exciting and electrifying as the atmosphere was, it’s no Georgia game. As if I didn’t know already, my heart truly bleeds Red and Black (I was screaming at the radio broadcast on the drive back to Lockport last night). 

But I did get to see my best friends little sister for the first time since July (she’s a freshman at LSU). More or less attacked her with a hug. 

This trip was one for the books though. I said to my friend earlier if you had asked me in high school all of the things I would do in  college, I wouldn’t even no where to start. 

Never did I think I would tackle Baton Rouge and New Orleans in one weekend. And I have class tomorrow (super excited about that). Then I head to Oxford next weekend to watch the Dawgs take on the Rebels. 

Now we embark on our eightish hour drive back to Athens. So if anyone wants to kill some time, hit a sista up 

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