Hello from NOLA

Otherwise known as New Orleans. Which is where I am currently. 

I left Athens this morning on two hours of sleep, jumped in my friends car, and headed west. 

Eight hours later we crossed into Louisiana and headed to New Orleans. 

Thus far I have walked down Bourbon Street, had lunch (and a hurricane) at Pat O’Brian’s, and had beignets at the (original) Cafe du Monde. (Those beignets were seriously some of the best things I have ever eaten). 

This is only day one and a couple of hours in to my Louisiana weekend. My friend is a native and showing me all I need to see. 

Far as I know we have to hit a drive-thru daquiri stand (apparently that’s a thing here) and we’re going to some BBQ place for dinner (after a MUCH needed nap). 

Currently we’re waiting out the rain to see a church (apparently it’s his favorite church) then we’re headed to Baton Rouge (where hopefully the weather is a little better). 

As for tomorrow, the Tigers take on the Mississippi State Bulldogs in Death Valley at 7:30. It’s also their SEC opener (I’m so excited I can’t handle it). So I get to see LSU’s home SEC opener at NIGHT. 

So I’ve made it through three states in one day (all of which I have never been in) and I’m running on about maybe four hours of sleep and threeish cups of coffee. 

I have A LOT of weekend left a head of me. And surprise! We just walked into the NATIONAL WWII history museum! My inner history nerd is so happy. 


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