Table for one

There are few things in life that I truly do not like.

One of them is eating dinner by myself.

Breakfast, I’m running around between bites of cereal and sips of coffee trying to get dressed, pack a gym bag, and make sure I don’t forget my computer charger.

Lunch, most of the time I’m eating as I’m walking to work or between classes.

Dinner. That’s when I finally have a chance to sit down. Alone. Watching Food Network.

I never really noticed this extreme dislike until my sophomore year of college. Freshman year we would go in big groups together more or less every night. If we didn’t, you always had a buddy or ran into someone you knew.

Then I moved off campus and found myself eating at my desk while highlighting political science notes. That’s when I realized I hate eating dinner alone.

I think it’s because no matter how late it was, my mom had us all sit around the table to eat dinner together (I’ve had dinner at 9:30 before. Time truly did not matter). And I’m grateful for that.

Growing up it was either all four of us, the three of us, and once a week we’d go to someone’s house for dinner or they’d come to my house. It was really nice.

I guess eating dinner by yourself is something else high school fails to prepare you for in college.

Now I don’t always eat alone. My friend came over last night and I go out from time to time. But going out gets expensive and I don’t want leftovers to go to waste. And as we get more into the semester meeting up for the end of the day meal gets harder and harder.

I’ve definitely become much more grateful for the meals I spend talking to and looking at a person than watching someone on TV and making comments to no one in particular.

Hopefully as I get older and my life gets a little more in control, I won’t eat as many dinners by myself.

And hey, if anyone ever wants to cook or just bring over leftovers, I’m game.




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