Pillow thoughts 

Most would assume that the most thinking a person does is during the day. 

When they’re at work, school, etc. Their brains are focused on their current challenge and hard at work. 

While I believe that people work hard during the day, I’ve tended to notice something else. 

I do most of my thinking when I’m supposed to be unwinding for the day. I find everything I pushed to the far depths of my mind during the day screaming at me as soon as I turn the lights off. 

Things I don’t put a second thought to during the day keep me tossing and turning as I try to fall asleep (granted I had A LOT of sugar tonight but that’s never seemed to affect me before). 

Irrational thoughts that make my eyes fly open only to realize that it’s completely out of my control and there’s nothing I can do about it at 11:42 on a Sunday night from the confines of my bed. 

Sleep alludes me as I type this. How do I turn the “thinking” off? If I think about these random instances during the day I wouldn’t get anything done. Yet here they are rearing their ugly heads as I try to quiet my mind. 

At this point I can only hope that putting some of this frustration in writing can help alleviate my problem. It feels like these random things are ping ponging across the sides of my mind. 

They range from insignificant things like “oh maybe I should have done more of the dishes” to my contemplating how I’m going to fit a hundred different things into one day and worry about upsetting someone if I can’t do one of them. 

See? I’m all over the place.  

I guess my only hope at this point is to find perfect comfy (if you don’t get the reference watch Ben Bailey on Netflix) and try to tell my mind to shut up and let me sleep. 

Pleasant dreams everyone 


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