A Summer of Firsts

This summer probably went faster than any other one I can remember.

Sometimes days felt like they never ended, while others flew by. Regardless of how fast or slow they went, I experienced a lot. Some of which was for the first time.

  • I was in four states in one day when I was coming back from Vermont to Georgia (that was a LONG day).
  • I went out Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday night one week (for those of you who know me I’m lucky if I go out on Friday and Saturday).
  • I met a soccer coach from Liverpool and explained to him how American college life worked (he didn’t believe most of it).
  • I had content I created featured on the UGA Athletic instagram and twitter accounts (which received more likes than anything on my accounts ever has).
  • I created a banner for the University of Georgia Facebook page (so proud of myself).
  • A boy I hadn’t heard from in five years apologized for what happened (and it was the last thing I ever expected).
  • I went on a lot of first dates. Probably more than I have been on in my life thus far.
  • I actually made my Mom leave a bar on a Sunday night in Nashville (because I can be lame sometimes).
  • I spent 10 hours at a football promo shoot in a warehouse with no air conditioning in the middle of June (but I got to wear the football gloves).
  • I ran into a boy I dated when I was 16 for the first time since (and it wasn’t awkward at all).
  • I reconciled with someone who I can call my best friend again (and I’m so grateful).
  • I watched my best friend’s little sister graduate high school (I’ve known her since she was born, this is weird).
  • I learned how to do a headstand on the beach (and got covered in sand in the process).
  • I’m finally able to do more than five push-ups off my knees (thank you 22 push-up challenge).
  • I ate dinner out Monday-Friday one week (by the end of it I couldn’t wait to cook my own food again).
  • I started prepping for graduate school (relearning math I haven’t done since I was 16 is just as terrible now as it was then).
  • I drove up and down the east coast twice in the span of a month (that put a lot of miles on my car real fast).

I’ll stop there because I don’t want to come off as boasting or annoying. I guess I wanted to showcase how many things you can do and accomplish in a short period of time.

It’s safe to say this summer was unlike anything I expected and was filled with people I never expected to see or hear from again.

Maybe it’s a precursor to a surprising (in a good way) senior year (god that’s a scary thought). On the bright side, it should cool down soon and I won’t be sweating on my way to class.





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