Hello from Music City

It took me 6 hours of driving yesterday to get here but I made it. Third time this year I’m in Tennessee and second time I’m in Nashville, who would have thought?

So this weekend is slightly like a mini-vacation. My dad has a conference tomorrow so my parents flew in last night and I drove up (personally I thought they got the better part of the deal). 

Thus far my parents have spent the better part of the afternoon in downtown Nashville. Who would have thought bar hopping with your parents would be so much fun?

(Granted we has to suffer through Rocky Top in Tootsie’s, but the singer was a Dawgs fan too)

To be honest I’m just happy I’m not working, last time I was here I was working the SEC Basketball tournament. As much fun as it was, I spent a few too many hours in Bridgestone Arena. 

Now we’re on beer number I haven’t kept track in Whiskey Bent (kind of like I’m in Athens but I haven’t been to Whiskey there in a very long time). 

We have plans to go to the Grande Ole Opry tonight and I don’t know a single one of the acts but it’s the experience that counts (and last time I was there I saw Thomas Rhett before he got big so it all evens out). 

Some people might think hanging out all weekend with their parents is lame, but I’m lucky enough not only to like them, but for me to like them back and to want to go out and do things with me. 

That, and I won’t see them again until October so I’m really happy this impromptu weekend was able to come together. 

I think they’re pretty cool, and most of my friends do too so I that means I’m not completely crazy. 

So I’m going to listen to a little more live music, drink a few more cold ones, and enjoy the time I have left of this weekend. 

Music City, you are always a good time and I’m happy to be back. 


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