4 states, 3 modes of transportation, 2 cups of caffeine, 1 day

Yesterday I traveled over 1,000 miles down the east coast.

I woke up in Vermont:

For the past few days my mom, cousin, aunt, and I enjoyed a girls weekend in the Mountains of Stowe. We zip lined over 10,000 feet and reached speeds of up to 65 mph (talk about sensory overload), we saw hot air balloons take off, and had no where to be.

I slept soundly for the first time in weeks (must have been that fresh mountain air).

Then the weather got a little cooler and I had to put on a sweatshirt for the first time in I can’t remember how long. But I got hot cider and a cider donut so I was a happy girl.

I had lunch in New York:

Yesterday Mom and I left Vermont and headed south.

For my last meal in the Northeast I really wanted Italian but every Italian knows that the majority of restaurants and pizzerias are closed on Sunday’s.

So, instead, we stopped in a little town called Harriman (where apparently the first telegraph was sent from) and went to a local deli. So much better than Jimmy John’s.

I flew out of New Jersey:

Oh Newark, how I didn’t miss you.

Why is it that the first time (EVER) that I was FIRST on the stand-by list, that no seats were released?

*sigh* Just my luck, so I was stuck on my 5:39 outbound which turned into 6.

On the bright side I met a fellow UGA student, United gave us zesty ranch pretzels again (I guess this is a new thing), and I saw not one but two rainbows outside of my window (that’s always a good sign, right?).

I fell asleep in Georgia:

After a 5 hour drive, an hour and a half plane ride, and an hour and a half drive, I finally made it back to Athens.

It’s amazing to think how far and how fast (relatively) we are able to travel in less than 24 hours.

100 years ago it took days to do what I did in one. To be honest that would have driven me crazy (mostly because I’m impatient), because I was twitching waiting to get off the plane once we were at the gate (honestly why can’t we walk down the stairs on the runway like we used to? Seemed much faster to me but then again, I’m not TSA, I’m just impatient).

Never would have thought I would cross the majority of the eastern seaboard in just about 17 hours. Hopefully that will be the extend of my travels for awhile, I feel like my life has revolved around airports and highways lately.



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