Happy Memorial Day

The weather wasn’t exactly what we were hoping for today. 
The beach may be a little emptier, some bbq’s might be rained out, and traffic might start a little earlier than usual. 
But that doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of today. 

Today means different things to different people. To some it’s a day off of school or work. To others it’s the kick-off to the summer season. 

What it should be to everyone, however, is a day of remembrance and appreciation. 

Growing up I knew my grandfather was in the Navy and that his brother was reported MIA in Korea. Now, as a young adult (for lack of a better term), I have more military influences in my life. 

My uncle was in the Navy. One of my friends is being stationed in South Korea in November. My friends cousin who I grew up with is in the Marines. The father of the two boys I babysat for was in the Marines as was the father of a boy I dated. 

But what really struck a nerve was what one of my best friends who is in the Army said. He said a year or so from now he might disappear. And that is purely due to the nature of the field he is going into. 

Even though I know he is fully capable of fending for himself the thought of that still scares me. 

I pray to God that one day, not too soon, I don’t have to remember him for his service on Memorial Day. 

I am blessed enough that the only people I have to keep in remembrance for today are those I never met and those who have served our country. 

So wear the colors of Old Glory with pride today. Hug those around you in service a little tighter today. Remember those who have lost their lives here and abroad for our country. 

And grill a burger or two. Today is one for celebration. 


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