This is no national park

This is the view from someone’s once backyard. 

It’s the view from the Loggia of the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina. And let me tell you it’s even more breath taking in person. 

It’s the largest house in the whole country, has 250 bed rooms, an indoor pool and bowling alley, a vineyard and two hotels on the property. And that’s not even all of it. 

It took us longer to drive up the drive way (after taking a shuttle) to the house than it did to drive from our hotel. 

The reason I’m even here is because I missed Mother’s Day and on our drive back to Jersey, Mom and I decided to break up the trip and take a day to ourselves. 

So after coaching my last soccer game for the season we drove into North Carolina and spent the day exploring the grounds and the house that is The Biltmore. 

The house is stunning just on the outside and the inside is even more jaw dropping. 

One rooms walls were entirely stamped leather. The walls of George Biltmore’s room were GILDED. 

They have tapestries from the 1500s and one of them is the only one in the world. 

There are rooms that have architecture that is so intricate it’s a skill that is lost on today’s world. 

My Mom and I spent over two hours touring the house and we both feel we didn’t see even half of it (my inner history nerd was so happy). 

But we had some non-educational fun. With our ticket we recieved a complimentary wine tasting and let me tell you some of those were delicious. Of course we had to buy a few bottles to take back home with us. 

So now we can cross that one off of our to-do list but the Biltmore at Christmas is an entire different story. Therefore, we have an excuse to go back. 


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