April: the month that never ended

All I can say is praise the Lord that it is finally May.

I’m not sure if it felt like forever because I had a thousand things due all on the same day, multiple presentations, personal matters, games, practices, or stress, but thank god it is over.

I think I have just broke down and cried more this month than I have in the last year. Safe to say, as Alex would put it, it’s been a time.

Now I only have one final and one paper standing between me and a much needed summer vacation.

This is the longest I have ever gone without going home (that is usually because a boy has sent me home crying at some point in the spring [I hate the spring but that’s a different discussion for another time] so luckily this year that didn’t happen). I haven’t been home since January 5th. And I won’t be home at least until May 15th. That’s almost FOUR AND A HALF MONTHS of not going home.

There is a bright side. Mom is landing in Atlanta in 12 days! I can’t wait to see her. It really has been too long. And we’re going to have an entire car ride back to the great Garden State to catch up and hopefully not get stuck in traffic.

April hasn’t been all bad though.

  • My sister came down for my formal we were able to just relax and go see a concert
  • All of UGA got a taste of the fan at G-Day and now I’m even more pumped for football season
  • I’ve eaten way too much ice cream and cookie dough with some great friends
  • I went to Six Flags and rode roller coasters until I was falling asleep standing up
  • I watched my Under 8 soccer team win its first game
  • I’ve laughed until I’ve cried with my roommate
  • I decided to be rebellious and instead of doing homework on a Monday I finished “Clone Wars”
  • I saw another Braves game at Turner field and got soaked in the process
  • I kind of got offered a job for the summer but it’s in the works (so nothing concrete yet but here’s to hoping)
  • I experienced a mini-flash flood with my friends while eating lunch in a Chick-fil-a with no power yesterday

See? Not all bad.

But I’m ready for a break from Athens. Not the people, especially the ones who are graduating. (They still don’t understand that I’m not letting them leave)

So it is now time for a day with my family, a day to just run errands with my mom, spend multiple days on the beach, to go for a run and then a Rook coffee run with my sister, figure out how to freeze pizza long enough to get it down here, have some homemade meals, eat as much Italian and bagels as I can, see some friends I haven’t seen in a while, and talk at Inkwell until 2 am.

Yeah, that sounds pretty good to me.



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