When I woke up this morning, I was shocked what I found when I refreshed my Facebook feed.

I’m sure by this point many of you know what happened but for those who don’t, five UGA students were in a car accident last night. Four of them have passed and the fifth is in the hospital.

I was numb.


I couldn’t imagine if I received a call this morning and was told, not just one of my friends, but one of my sorority sisters had died.

When my sorority came to UGA this past fall, we were met with open arms from Panhellenic and the Greek community. We have even had socials with two of the sororities that have been affected by this tragedy.

We all wear different letters, but we’re all part of the same greater organization that is Greek life. I may not know any of those who have passed, but I know people who know them or know someone else who does. Regardless of what our tee-shirts say, we’re all connected.

I think this tragedy is also something to learn from as well.

It reminds us that life truly is short and it defies “oh, it could never happen to me.”

So as well all start to stress and prep for finals, step back for a moment. Take a minute out of your day to wander around a bookstore, just because you want to. Stop and smell the flowers growing on campus. And reach out to that person who you keep forgetting to call.

And also, hug your friends tighter. Show them how much they mean to you. Call your mom, your dad, your sister, brother and anyone else you can think of. Just to say hi or ask how their day is.

Reestablish those connections because we only have so much time on this beautiful earth with the amazing people who fill our lives.

To the girl in the hospital, you have 36,000 students and more praying for your recovery. We are all hoping for nothing but the best for you.

To the families, friends and sisters of those girls I don’t know, you will be in my prayers tonight. I will make that extra effort to reach out to family members and friends. And I will appreciate my sorority sisters more.

As for those girls I don’t know, know you are missed. People will miss you, they will be sad for a while, but they will remember the good times longer than they will be sad. I hope you’ve met those Bulldogs up there who I never got the chance to meet and your friends will know that you all will be watching over them for the rest of their lives.

Rest in Peace.



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