I’m a people pleaser. I always do what is expected of me and more in order to make sure I am doing anything I can do please those around me.

So I tend not to think highly of myself. And I mean that in a sense of, I don’t think I have an impact on people.

My view changed yesterday.

Yesterday, I had recruitment bootcamp for my sorority. I was there from 9:45 am to 5:10 pm. And lately I’ve been having doubts. I’ve been so busy with school and my job, I feel like I haven’t really connected with a majority there. More often than not I feel like I still don’t know faces and I feel like they don’t know me either.

I was proved wrong.

At the end of our very long day, we all got in a circle and closed our eyes. Groups of sisters would rotate to be in the middle to be “tappers.”

A “tapper” tapped the head of a sister that fit the value of a question that was asked.

For example, “tap a sister who you would like to get coffee with.”

With my current stress levels and feel that I was lacking in the event participation department, I didn’t expect to have my head tapped.

But I did. More than once. For things I didn’t even realize.

Apparently I inspire people.

People think I’m a good leader.

A few of my sisters want to get to know me better.

And some of them look forward to seeing me at chapter.

I was shocked. I didn’t expect any of that nor do I know who any of them were to tapped me. They could be people I’m pretty good friends with, or some I’m not. All I know is, I made an impact on them.

Circling back to my thinking I made the wrong decision, that was disproved tonight as well.

Our IHQ (International Headquarters) contact came and spoke to our chapter tonight. One of the first things she mentioned was that she was from Jersey. So naturally I asked where she was from and to be honest I expected some town up north I had heard of but never been to. I was proved wrong again. She’s from the same county as I am.

I reintroduced myself to her after chapter and turns out we have more in common than just DPhiE. She’s been to a restaurant I worked in and she goes to the beach near me as well.

These past two days were nothing I ever expected to gain from a sorority. But I guess that’s the point of joining one. To surprise you in ways that show you that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be.

So I may complain about long chapters from time to time because it’s Monday and I’ve been at work all day. And I may not get to as many socials because I’m just that exhausted.

All of those things aside, I know I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.

Thanks y’all



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