My mom keeps telling me it’s not healthy to have this level of stress at 21. 

I tend to agree with her but at the moment there’s not too much I can do about it. 

Maybe it’s because I’m trying to do too many different things with my brain at one time 

Be a good student. Look out for my sister. Be a fiscally responsible college student. Make my parents proud. Finish the semester with good grades. Be a good girlfriend. Work hard at my job. Be a coach my players can look up to. Adhere to the games I am assigned to work. Be a shoulder to lean on. Get my work done to a level I approve of and submitted on time. Dedicate time to my sorority. Get enough sleep. Never be late. Eat balanced meals on a daily basis. Be a good roommate. Keep my  living area clean. Remember to socialize and not stay in the house so much. Get some physical exercise. Keep up with what’s going on in the world. Figure out grad school options. Stay in touch with friends I don’t see often. Remember to call my grandparents. Be a good person overall. 

Can anyone explain to me how a single solitary person is supposed to do all of this at once?

If anyone has figured it out, let me know. I already have two planners, a white board calendar, and a digital calendar. 

Maybe once it’s warm all the time and I’m near a source of salt water again I’ll be a little more myself. 

On the bright side I’m almost done with the semester so at least a quarter of what is listed above is accomplished. 

Maybe at that point I’ll be able to finish one of the three books I’ve started in the last year. 

Until then, at least I have wine and chocolate. 



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