Happy National Sibling Day

Dear Alex,

Hopefully your bus trip back to Columbia is almost over by now. If it’s not, you’re almost there!

I wanted to, first, say thank you for riding a bus to come see me this weekend (3+ hours both ways. You’re a trooper) but mostly I wanted to say thank you for just being you.

Not many people would have sat through me coaching a soccer game full of 7-year-olds and then sat while I called out tackles during a football scrimmage. Especially in the cold and on an empty stomach (but Cali n’ Tito’s was worth the wait wasn’t it?). And then come to a my formal where you knew no one.

You really are the best.

And you also brought me something that I haven’t had in a while.

A piece of home.

Unlike you I haven’t been home since the first week of January. And it has been hard and sometimes I just want to book a ticket to Newark and call it a day.

When you come to visit it’s like we’re on a mini vacation sans Mom and Dad. We’re sharing things like we used to when we were younger.

Your stuff explodes all over whichever room we’re in, there’s not enough room for us to be in the bathroom at the same time, and you’re complaining that I’ve taken all the covers.

Sounds like home to me.

I can’t believe in less than a month you’re done with your freshman year of COLLEGE. (How did I start this semester a week before you and finish almost two weeks after? Ugh. Well, you best have coffee waiting for me whenever I get home)

As challenging as it is living in one room with three other girls I hope you did make some great memories and friends this year. Some of the people I met my freshman year I still talk to (as you know). Hopefully next year we’ll all be taking pictures under the Arch together too.

So study hard these last few weeks and kill it on your finals like I know you can.

Then you can fly home, make Rook runs, and drive Mom crazy with the piles and piles of laundry you’ll make two days after coming home.

I’ll be back there with you before you know it (if I survive the rest of the semester) but if you need anything I can be there in less time that it takes the bus to get you there.

Olive you Alex



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