A weekend away

So I’m back in the land of orange juice but my plane boards in a couple of hours.

Since I was working all through my spring break, I decided to take a weekend break and visit that cute guy looking at the boats.

Not only did I get to see him, but I met his family as well. Yesterday. On Easter.

I have to say we got a lot done yesterday. One of the most unorthodox Easters I have ever had but its nice to change it up every once and a while.

I met both sets of grandparents in ONE day. I met cousins, I met and and uncles, and we were done with dinner by 2 p.m.

With so much daylight left we decided to take advantage of it and go do one of our favorite things, go to the beach.

I haven’t been to the beach seen November. Being four hours from the coast at school was killing me so I made up for some lost time this weekend.

We saw dolphins on Saturday (they were six feet away from us) and we attempted to watch the sunset yesterday.

Unfortunately the clouds decided not to clear up so watching the sunset turned into watching the boats drive by.

But hey. I was in a hammock set up between two palm trees laying back up against a very cute boy.

So I didn’t get to see a sunset, I guess that just means I’ll have to come back (meaning that he wants me to of course).

After all of our adventures yesterday, we decided to be lazy bums and watch movies all day. I forgot how nice doing nothing is.

Now he’s on his way to work, I’m about to go through security soon, and I have a full week ahead of me when I get back to school.

This weekend was something I needed (I’ve been getting headaches everyday for a week straight and I haven’t had one in four days. I’d categorize that as improvement). And I hope he had as nice of a time as I did.

Long distance is hard but laying on the hammock last night is one of those moments that makes all of this worth it.

Fingers crossed he’ll be able to come to my formal in a few weeks. If not, my sister has already claimed his place as my date.

If I do get to see him that’s great and if I don’t, in his words, “we’ll figure something out.”

And so far we always have and I think we will.

Until next time Florida. Maybe when I come back I’ll see more blue skies than grey.


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