Currently drowning in web tabs

It’s that time of year just before spring break when ALL of your professors like to have everything due. And sometimes even on the same day.

One midterm, a term paper, a lit review, two debates, a profile, an online class, and regular homework.

I’m at that point where I’ve lost track of how many webpages, word documents, and tabs I have open.

Staring at a computer screen stresses me out.

But, of course, everything I have to do requires this backlit piece of machinery. So I’m just going to have to consume a ridiculous amount of caffeine in order to keep my vision straight.

And I feel like that’s the accepted norm in college. Which is only slightly depressing.

Until this year, I didn’t realize how much is expected out of college students (granted my Mom says I put too much pressure on myself but that’s besides the point).

Everything is about building your ONE page resume (because apparently we haven’t done enough with our lives yet to warrant a two-pager).

So then why is my calendar a hundred different colors and why do I need two planners to make it through the day?

Probably because if you do nothing, you’re an under achiever.

And if you do something, it’s still not worthy enough to put on that second page.

Ridiculous isn’t it?

Frankly I think if you do as much as me and my friends do, we shouldn’t be chastised if our resumes are over a page even with a 9 point font.

Here’s a few of the expectations my friends and I have:

  • Get good grades
    • And if you have HOPE/Zell you have a certain GPA minimum to keep
    • Or if you’re out of state like me, you have to do well in order to make it worth all of the money your tuition is costing your parents
  • Have a job
    • Or two
    • Or an internship
    • Or a job that is also an internship that requires office hours and then unpaid volunteer hours
    • And something has to pay for gas and groceries
  • Be involved
    • Be in a club
      • Make sure you’re in at least one that relates to your major
      • And if you don’t hold a leadership position what are you doing there really?
    • Or in Greek life
      • Being in something that consumes half your time isn’t enough, make sure you have some sort of coordinator or executive position
      • Make sure you attend a majority of the thousands of the events on the calendar, it’s only $20
  • Be social
    • Because college is about meeting new people and not spending your entire life studying in your room
    • Oh sure, we can go out to eat, then out for drinks, and to a concert. I just got paid today
  • Volunteer
    • Because if you’re not helping others, are you really a well-rounded person?
    • And they like to see consistency, just freshman year isn’t enough
  • Get an adequate amount of sleep
  • Have a heathy diet and don’t skip meals

Safe to say those last two bullet points are optional.

So there’s a basic overview of what is expected of most college kids.

Seems doable right?



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