Dear Upstairs Neighbors,

How is it possible for you to make SO.MUCH.NOISE.ALL.THE.TIME?

With people living below you, you would think you would be a little more cautious about all of the noise you make.

Here are some questions I have for you:

Why do you have to be banging around in what sounds like steel toed boots at 6 am on a MONDAY morning?

Why do you have to have the loudest, yappiest CHIHUAHUA to ever walk the planet? And he HOWLS for HOURS until they come home. And they’re gone quite a bit of the time (Seriously, of all dogs you had to have one with attachment issues?)

Why do I hear crashes constantly? (I swear they have been going on since August) Is your apartment in pieces at this point?

The only rational explanation my roommate and I can think of is that they just keep getting things from Ikea (our hypothesis), they then drop the boxes on the floor (the crashing), and spend weeks hammering away (the banging).

Then there are the parties they have been throwing lately.

Not to mention, one of the walls in my bedroom backs up to the stairs leading up to their door and their living room is above my room as well.

So not only do I hear their friends LEAPING and BOUNDING up the staircase, oh no, I hear their conversations as well.

And they always seem to have these parties just when I’m ready to go to bed. Just my luck huh?

The fact that THIS video accurately describes my life is astounding. (I really do have a couple living above me, I hardly think one person would be capable of making all the noise they do)

It does sound like they are dropping bowling balls half the time. And when it’s not bowling balls, it sounds like an indoor horse race.

Now, I like to think my roommate and I are respective neighbors.

We say “hi” to them when we pass them outside (and then silently curse them in our head as we unlock the door), we don’t play loud music, the TV isn’t blaring, we don’t stomp around at all hours, and we’re certainly not banging things on the floor or walls.

So what did we do to deserve this?

There are a few things I would like to say to you but none more so than the words of Jenna Marbles.  She sums it up quiet nicely.



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