A US Supreme Court Justice died today

And the trending headlines on Facebook are about a pro female wrestler having a baby, Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson’s sons going to a fashion show, and Mario and Yoshi.


I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, I’m worried about our generation.

So for those of you who were too busy reading about Rose Mendes new baby, the justice who died today was Antonin Scalia.

Here’s some quick facts about this man who served our country.

He’s a Jersey native and Italian-American like myself.

He was appointed by Ronald Regan and was a “unwavering defender of the written Constitution” meaning that he favored the Jeffersonian interpretation of the constitution as opposed to the Hamiltonian one (my fellow history nerds will understand what I mean).

The only reason I even heard about his death is because I was doing research for my political campaigns class and it came up in my google search (riveting way to spend a Saturday night, no?).

Why is his death relevant to what is going on now in politics?

Well, it’s because there is this huge question on whether Obama should appoint the next justice or if the next president should.

The Democrats are raising hell saying keeping his seat vacant would be an injustice to his memory. The Republicans are saying since it is in the middle of campaigning, it should be postponed until the next president is elected. And then there’s something about the Thurmond Rule being tossed around.

Of course that brings the balance of the Supreme Court into question. Will this give one party more leverage over the other, one will be at a disadvantage, and so on.

Now, I’m not trying to get political here.

I’m merely stating that this is national news and Facebook thinks that it is more timely to have something about video game characters in their top trending section (granted this is mentioned under the political section but how many people, especially my age, click on that button anyway?).

I like to think I’m relatively up to date on what’s going on in the country (and what’s going on in the world as well), but now I realize I may be putting in a little too much faith in social media for that information.

I feel like too many gossipy, insignificant stories (like anything about that obnoxious family that starts with a “K”) take up a majority of social media feeds. And I mean that across all forms. Facebook isn’t the only perpetrator here.

Maybe the world would be better off if we were back in a time where we raced home to catch the 6 o’clock news to make sure we were able to contribute during morning coffee.

Or when people read newspapers and not their phones.

That might just be me because my Mom always told me I have an old soul.

But, come to think of it, old things aren’t really so bad.

We wouldn’t be where we are today without them.




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