Welcome to National Signing Day

Committing to the G.

That is what today is all about. Well, here in Athens it is. It’s different across the country but with the same end goal.

To sign the best recruiting class possible for next season. #Squad16.

This is my first time working signing day and I haven’t even bared the brunt of it.

Two interns had to come back to the office after the basketball game last night to do prep work and then be back here again at 6 this morning. Another intern had to be here and ready to go at 5:30.

I thought I was a head of the game by getting here around 7:40. Turns out half of the office staff and 10 or so reporters beat me to it.

And it’s going to be a very long day.

We’ve had some announcements already. Like Mecole Hardman who had some cake this morning, Michail Carter whose grandma is probably estatic, and Tyrique McGhee who had his paper work in before Chuck Dowdle got into the building.

There are more announcements to come throughout the day and probably a few more surprises across the country.

Unlike the rest of us, these commits (kids) have a regular high school class day schedule. Some of them aren’t announcing until after 3 p.m.

So far I’ve done more running around this morning than I have answering phones which is always a pleasant surprise.

I even got to write out the cards for Kirby to leave at 11. So UGA’s football coach will be reading my handwriting. How often does a Division I football coach read the handwriting of a 21-year-old aspiring to work in the world of college athletics?

Probably not very often.

I wonder what surprises the rest of the day will hold.

I have the live broadcast playing beside me on the desk computer, but I’m sure there’s a slight lag. Although I’m sure if anything big happens, I’ll hear the shouting and cheering from the floor above me before I see it on the screen.

Did I mention that the third floor is packed with fans decked out in Red and Black?

Did I also mention that the weather is so bad that we’re more or less in a tornado zone today and the weather isn’t supposed to stop until 7 tonight?

Those are some dedicated Dawgs.

Unfortunately I have to leave this hectic, exciting day and head to class in a little less than an hour. So excited about trekking across campus in the rain.

But not many can say that they’ve worked a college signing day, were able to go behind the ropes to the broadcast to hand something off, and write out notecards for a Division I head coach.

I think all of that is very much worth it.

Maybe if I’m lucky enough, I’ll be able to work the entire day next year and maybe even graduate to being able to have a walkie-talkie.

Oh, only 213 day until football 😀



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