Family Matters

So I dropped my sister off at the bus station this afternoon.

That phrase sounds a little dated doesn’t it? Seems like it would be more appropriate in the 1950s, as if she was going cross country to Hollywood trying to make it as an actress.

But alas, she was just heading back to school.

I didn’t realize how much more normal she makes my life feel. I guess it made it feel like we were back at home and in high school again.

Sharing a bathroom, trying to figure out what was for dinner, etc. Except this time we weren’t fighting over who got the car because, well, it’s my car.

Even though we didn’t do anything crazy, I still think we had a nice weekend.

If anything it was very low-key.

And I think both of us needed that.

She lives with three other girls in one room (I would die) and I usually have work on the weekends sometimes Friday and Saturday.

I’m sure being here was at a much lower noise level than she was used to, she wasn’t in a Twin XL, and she was eating “not dining hall” but “real food.”

We both were able to sleep in and had no obligations.

We spent the day with my roommate yesterday, she met and cooked with some of the girls I work with last night, and we got a full dose of comedians this weekend (for those of you who don’t know who Jon Mullaney is, I highly suggest you check him out. He has two specials on Netflix and I’m sure if you don’t have a subscription, you’re using one of your friends’ accounts).

Ergo, this weekend was very nice.

Unfortunately unless my parents come down for Easter, or I find a break somewhere in my schedule, I don’t think I’m going to see her again until we’re both done with school in May. And I know that tomorrow starts February but May seems like forever and a day from now.

At this point she should have gotten off the bus, into her roommate’s car, and is on her way back to her dorm (I have to say I really don’t miss dorm life. I don’t know how she’s doing it with three other girls in the same room).

And I, well, I have one more post to write for a class and some how fill in all of the blanks on something due for another class by tomorrow night (I just love when people don’t email me back, don’t you? I’m aware it’s the weekend but I’m a college student and I still check my email religiously).

So, Alex, I hope you had a safe and somewhat eventful trip back to Cola. I’m really glad you came down and hung out with me this weekend, I guess that means you think I’m kinda cool. I hope I see you sooner than the middle of May.

Olive you.



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