Mid-Week Surprises

The semester is in full swing at this point and my stress level is already through the roof three weeks in (which attributes to my lack of posts).

Between a full class load, prepping for informal recruitment (my roommate and I stuck almost 400 stickers on the bottom of hershey’s kisses the other night. Roommate of the Year award right there), and the daily doings of my job (our flash drive with all of the scrapbook articles crashed yesterday. Again.).

I’ve already contemplated several break downs.

But then yesterday a few unexpected things happened.


My sister texted me asking what my weekend plans were.

And this is one of those rare weekends where I have no game commitments, daunting errands, a massive amount of school work, or any mandatory sorority events.

Coupled with that, my sister’s 9 am Friday class was cancelled.

So she booked a Grey Hound and she’ll be in Athens on Friday just before noon. I’m so excited.

It’s been a while since it was just the two of us hanging out with nothing to do. No football games, no events, no family obligations. We get to do whatever we feel like (and she’s excited to have real food, sleep in a real bed, and not be sharing a room with three other girls).

That was one of the surprises I was graced with yesterday.

“BAE WAS IN TOWN” – Christine Swearingen

The other was that my boyfriend stopped by on his drive home.

He knocked on our door just before 5 yesterday and I’m pretty sure I almost knocked him down when I jumped up to hug him.

I taught him how to make chicken parm (which is his favorite meal), we roasted marshmallows for my roommate over an ELECTRIC stove top (sugar is her happiness and it was the only way to get her through her anatomy slides), and we were just able to sit and enjoy each other’s company (we thought we wouldn’t see each other again until the middle of February).


Then this morning I introduced him to Chick-fil-a for breakfast (poor thing never had a chicken biscuit before) and he bought me coffee (which made my day).

Safe to say leaving to go to class this morning was hard.

If I didn’t get anxiety for skipping class, and he could have stayed a little longer, maybe today would have been those rare occasions in which I skipped. But his parents wanted him home and it is a long drive to do  on your own.

So I was a little sad, and still am, as I was driving to campus.

But my Mom said to be happy that he was even able to be here. And I was. There is no doubt about that. Happy is an understatement. I was ecstatic.

To put it in perspective: I was so excited yesterday that I couldn’t focus after 4:15 and was pacing by 4:30.

And if all goes as planned I’ll see him in less than a month, my fingers are crossed.

Both of the things that happened yesterday were completely unexpected, but something I really needed after how intense the past few weeks have been (it feels like it’s February already).

Now I just have to make it through today because then I’ll know he’s home safe and my sister will be here tomorrow.



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