Road trip(s)

This weekend I had my first solo road trip.

Now let me start by saying that I love road trips and I have been taking them for as long as I can remember.

In the past I was more of a passenger. And it was a big deal if I stayed awake the entire time.

The longest I have driven, straight through, was when I drove down here to Georgia in August. But I wasn’t alone for those 16 hours. My Dad was in the car with me and my Mom and sister were in the car in front of me.

This weekend, however, was not the case.

Now I classify a road trip as something that is 60 miles outside of the area you reside that does not involve getting stuck in traffic for over an hour (so not driving to Grandma’s and getting stuck in traffic for two hours does not count as a road trip).

Driving four hours through the North Georgia Mountains, part of North Carolina, and the Tennessee Smokies does count as a road trip though.

And that’s what I did Saturday afternoon-night.

It was only slightly terrifying having no idea where I was going, in the dark, whipping around curves in the mountains (even 25 mph felt fast), with spotty cell service.

But I did it.

Now why would I drive four hours into the Tennessee mountains you might ask?

Well, that’s because it’s where my boyfriend Creg goes to school and I wanted to see where he goes to school (but mostly I really wanted to see him).

He came down last weekend so I figured it was only fair that I make the trip this time.

So at around 8:40 pm Saturday night I found myself in Maryville, Tennessee, trying to navigate another college’s campus (which I didn’t do so well, he had to come outside and direct me around).

Was it worth driving in the dark having no clue where I was going?


Would I do it again?

Yes (but next time I’m definitely trying to leave a lot earlier. I can deal without driving through the mountains in the dark).

So I went on my first solo road trip. It was something.

And somehow today instead of going through the mountains I ended up on the interstate and got caught in traffic in Atlanta and on 316. I think I would take the mountains in the dark over that. At least in the mountains I kept moving.

When will my next road trip be?

Not sure.

Hopefully it’s sooner rather than later and a lot warmer than 28 degrees.



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