Right Back At It Again

Wow, that break went fast.

Actually, college has gone fast. I’m already more than halfway done with my undergrad college experience as a whole.

When did that happen?

Probably somewhere between moving out of my freshman dorm and figuring out if I was going to graduate next fall or need spring.

Regardless, another first day of class has come and almost gone. Luckily I only had one class today, which was done by 11:45.

Although somehow I already had homework to do before my class even started (thank you online classes -_-).

The class was interesting. It’s called “The Politics of Style” and for the first two weeks we’re focusing on Taylor Swift.

Yes I said Taylor Swift.

We’re looking at the messages in her “1989” album and how it relates to style, politics, etc. And one of my homework assignments is to listen to the whole album.

I’m excited.

So technically I’ve made it through my school day, but I still have a lot of day ahead of me.

I have work until 5 and then chapter at 6:15. Which I just found out requires me to wear something different than what I have on currently. So not looking forward to battling traffic.


Looking ahead, I’m not entirely sure how this semester is going to shape up.

Granted my weekends will be a little more free now that I don’t have football all day almost every Saturday. But I do have basketball and gymnastics now (but those are both done the first week of March).

On the bright side, next week is only a four-day week. So technically my busy day (today) I get off and get to sleep in (because who doesn’t love not having to set an alarm on a Monday morning?).

Oh! I might get to help coach a youth soccer league this semester!

I’m actually really excited about it. Mostly because I love soccer, somehow have the patience for little kids, and I really need some volunteer hours (I feel like I haven’t been giving back enough). Plus, what’s a better stress relief than running around with some seven year olds for an hour or so?

So that’s what’s going on as I start the new semester.


p.s. I’m also dating someone but we’re keeping it low key, and that’s all I’m going to say about that



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