As you can see I was very excited to make my first official purchase of alcohol today.


I can’t believe it. I remember when my friends turned 21 when I was still in high school and it seemed forever away. And now it’s here.


That went fast.

Right now I’m chilling on the couch binging on “Star Wars: Clone Wars” (not Episode II. That’s “Attack of the Clones”).

Why am I not downtown taking living it up?

Because finals are tomorrow and I decided to have my fun last night as I turned 21 at midnight.

So I invited a bunch of people over and we partied until 2 in the morning. I had a blast (I hope they did too). My roommate said I was quite entertaining as well (Yeah. Balance was an issue).

For as much fun as last night was, this morning was not. I’m sure you all can fill in the blanks.

BUT. I got myself together and made it to the student appreciation lunch today with Gatorade in hand.

I got a free lunch, got a Jittery Joes gift card during the gift swap (I could have ended up with six pounds of ravioli, luckily I dodged that bullet), and I picked up the dozen cupcakes my Mom ordered for me. Those are delicious.

Then I decided to spend the rest of the day relaxing (I’ll start studying tomorrow. My exams don’t start until Monday anyway).

At some point during this afternoon, there was a knock on my door. My parents sent me cards and my Dad sent me flowers (cue the tears). Roses, my favorite.

Then I made my first purchase (Redd’s Green Apple Ale. Highly recommend it) and my roommate and I found the best pizza I’ve found in Athens. Apparently it’s the oldest pizzeria here too. OH and they have these amazing things called dough nuggets. They’re like garlic knots but better. They’re so good they don’t even need to be dipped in sauce.

So I’m spending the night my 21st birthday with ale and pizza. So college.

(Fun fact, for some reason four of my exes/flings, most of whom I haven’t talked to in over a year, said “Happy birthday” today. According to my Mom “they’re all coming out of the wood works,” truth)

Man, 21. I can’t believe it. It seems like yesterday I was getting ready for my sweet 16 or going into the city for my 18th birthday.

Granted this has probably been my favorite birthday in college thus far. My freshman year I had a final and last year I was so miserable and watched a terrible movie with my ex. So even though I was incapacitated this morning, this birthday is still No. 1.

So I plan to spend the rest of my night watching Star Wars (I’m at 14 of 22 episodes. I can totally finish season one tonight), hanging with my roomie and talking to (and possibly FaceTiming) a cute boy. Sounds like a stellar way to end the night to me 🙂



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