Semi Formal

Was a full success.

After the week I had a night of dancing and friends was exactly what I needed.

Two quizzes  and two presentations yesterday nearly did me in. But then I was able to come home, get all dolled up, and wait for my date and my friends to show up.

We squished 6 of us in a Toyota Corolla, had a great meal, and headed to semi.

It was a little different than I expected (granted the last semi-formal I went to was in high school). The venue was awesome. The exposed brick gave it that Athens feel but I think it was a little too big.

Personally, I think for the amount that we had, we could have had the venue a little smaller. It would have made it feel more intimate.

But we had a great time. We took some pictures, my date learned how to Wobble and Cupid Shuffle, and I watched my friends boyfriend kill it while nay-naying.

So once we had our fun, it was time to head out for some more dancing. It took awhile but the dance floor at 9d’s got PACKED.

There’s something about jamming out to “Stacy’s Mom” and “Hey Ya” that doesn’t get old.

We danced the night away until some of my friends couldn’t feel their feet (and that is why I opted for wedges instead of heels). Not to mention, as we left, the line was down the block so we timed it perfectly.

We caravanned back to my house, gorged on snickers and reese’s cups, some had their leftover food from dinner, others had hot chocolate and we all took a minute to relax and take our heels off.

All in all, it was a great night.

After the stressful week I had (plus the two quizzes and two presentations I had yesterday) a night out with great friends was exactly what I needed.

As for today, I’m avoiding homework as much as possible (I think I deserve it). I slept in and now I’m watching holiday baking shows until the SEC game comes on (well, maybe. I don’t know if I can root for either one of those teams honestly).

I’m in the home stretch now. Two more days of class, FOUR more days still my birthday, THIRTEEN days until “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” comes out, and 15 days until I go home for Christmas.

I got this. Well, hopefully I do.



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