Family and Football

Today was a great day.

My “good ole pal” Ryan brought my family Rook coffee this morning  (Mine was prepared just the way I like it, Honduras with milk and sugar) then Dad whipped up some pork roll.

Then we embarked on the rest of our day.

We started to put up CHRISTMAS! (I LOVE Christmas).

We got the tree about half-way done and then it was time for football.

Georgia-Georgia Tech for me and Carolina-Clemson for my sister.

For me, the best part about away games is that I actually get to cheer (my sister may have told me to tone it down a few times).

Although, I much prefer watching the field during TV time-outs than watching commercials.

Safe to say only one of the Shay sister’s teams came out victorious today, but I have to say Carolina played its heart out. They came back with one second to go and made it a six-point game.

Georgia, well. We’re still having trouble on third downs…but a win is a win. And it’s always better to end the (regular) season that way. Especially when it’s over Georgia Tech.

So, once again, Georgia runs the state.

Once the games were done we went back to Christmas-ifying the house.

There is garland on the banister, the stockings are hung, the village is up, and the tree is fully decorated in all of its 14-ft glory.

I forgot how exhausting putting up Christmas is. But, now it’s done and when I come home again next month we won’t have to worry about doing it.

After everything was cleaned up, Mom decided she didn’t want to cook (which was understandable. Thanksgiving, even a few days later, is exhausting). Since we ordered pizza for lunch, we went out for dinner.

I can’t remember the last time it was just me, my parents, and my sister for dinner out at a restaurant. It was really nice.

We ended the night by heading to our favorite ice cream place, Hoffman’s.

Now you may think we’re crazy for going to get ice cream in November, but we weren’t the only ones. It was a solid 45 minutes between getting in there, waiting to get our order taken, and finally getting out (the man in front of us kept asking the server redundant questions and our server, well, it must have been her first shift).

Regardless, it was worth the wait. The ice cream was just as delicious as it always is (even if it was a tad chilly outside).

So now I’m mostly packed, I’ve managed to get some homework done (begrudgingly), and I’m sitting on the couch with my parents watching “Terminator 2” (which I think is much better than the first one).

As excited as I am to head back to Georgia, I really don’t want to have another week of class, four projects, four presentations, and then almost two weeks of finals. (This break was such a tease but on the bright side I turn 21 in 11 days :D)

Well New Jersey, it was fun.

It was filled with family, old friends, the beach, turkey, great coffee, and the best pizza a girl could ask for.


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