Well it wasn’t Mickey or Minnie

But it was a mouse…

*Insert grossed out/shock here*

Let me back track for you.

So yesterday my roommate and I found something in the laundry room. I’m sure you can all guess what it was. We were hoping it was from the lizard infestation we’ve been having lately but no such luck.

Now, it is a MONDAY morning. It is 7:05 on a Monday morning. I have not had but two or three sips of coffee at 7:05 on a Monday morning. And what do I see?

I see something scurry across the floor of my closet. It was too light to be a roach (because we’ve had that problem too) and I swore I saw a tail.

At that point all I wanted to do was to scream “DAD!” run into the other room and wait for my Dad to take care of the issue. But my Dad is 800 some odd miles away and I wasn’t even out of my pjs yet.

What did I do? I woke up my roommate and she threw her cat in here. Not that he was much help. He was more interested in knocking the necklaces off my dresser than exploring the depths of my closet *sigh*

So I called maintenance and apparently traps are set up. They’re coming back on Thursday to check (because God knows I am NOT throwing out a trap with a dead mouse in it *shudder*).

Maybe if it was a Wednesday morning, or even a Tuesday morning, I could have handled it. But I had a paper and a project due today, I was on campus for 13 hours and I have essentially have to plan the next two years of my life within the next two months.

Dealing with a rodent infestation was NOT something I wanted to add to the list. But there is one saving grace.

This time next week I will be HOME (for the first time all semester). Excited is an understatement. I am in desperate need of a living situation that doesn’t feature roaches, lizards, or mice.

Will I make it through the rest of the week? Who knows. I certainly hope so. I’ve already warned my mother that if I get off the plane twitching and not looking like myself it’s become my new state of normal.




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