Je suis triste

Je suis triste pour les gens de France et sus families.

(Thank you eight years of French) For those of you who don’t speak the beautiful language that roughly translates to “I am sad. I am sad for the people of France and their families.” And I am.

After I heard the news yesterday about everything that was going on across the world I was stunned. I felt like I was in a movie and that it couldn’t be real.

Maybe it’s because I always tend to believe people are inherently good. Or maybe it’s because I can’t understand why people like to hurt one another. Sadly these events were very much real.

I would like to just take a minute though to thank God that my friends, those who are in Europe and those who are here, and my family are safe. Some people today are unable to say that. I saw on the news today that the death toll was upwards of 100 people and over 300 were wounded.

Now we’ve all heard jokes about the French and I’m sure I’ve even made some a time or two out of good humor, as I am sure they have made some about Americans.

But this is a time to put our differences aside and come together not as a nation but as a world.

You might not know this but France gave us something that we hold dear in our hearts.

France gave us the Statue of Liberty. It was created and built there in pieces then it was shipped across an ocean. France gave us a symbol that embodies everything America stands for.

It was the first thing immigrants saw, probably your parents, grandparents or great-grandparents, when arriving at Ellis Island. It gave them hope, a clean slate and a chance at a new life. And now it’s our time to give something back to France.

From where I am right now, sitting at my desk writing this, I don’t know what’s going to happen in the next few days over there. I know that the borders are closed and that the French president issued a statement saying that it was an act of war and France will respond accordingly. Does that mean they will go to war? Does that mean they will enact Article 5 of the Washington Treaty as laid out by NATO? I don’t know (honestly that though scares me because I have too many friends with military associations and I can only handle so much stress this semester).

Regardless of what happens, keep the people across the sea in your hearts. Give thanks that your family and friends are around you and that they are safe. Hug them a little tighter. Forgive a little easier. And Love a little more.

We too soon forget how precious life is until it is put in jeopardy or taken from us. Between this and Charlie Hebdo, France has had a tough year. So I will ask this of you:

Des prières pour Paris s’il vous plaît



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