It’s Saturday in Athens

And we finally scored a touchdown! It took a while but we did it. I had faith in the dawgs. 

But it was obvious today that some people did not. 

For the past few weeks I have seen too many people posting in the buy/sell ticket group on Facebook. Selling home and away tickets. 

I have never seen the student section as empty as it was today. Even for the “cupcake” games we had more support from our fans. And I’m talking about the upper level sections too. They were sparsely populated. 

It broke my heart. 

Those players, kids really, are out there on the field giving it their all. I’ve heard people say we play like we’ve given up on the season. I don’t believe that. 

Have you seen Jake Ganus this season? His football program was CANCELLED. Then he came to a new school, on a much bigger stage, and had to start all over again. He started as a rotational player and now he is in every defensive play. I’ve never seen anybody play with that much heart He leaves it all on the field. 

And then there’s Malcom Mitchell. He continues to shock me week to week. I’ve seen him jump to where he’s almost 8 ft off he ground to catch a ball that looked impossible to grab. I’ve seen him run faster and dodge quicker than I have the past two years. He has been going above and beyond this season. 

Now I’m not singling out these two players from the rest of the team because I think they’re carrying it. I mention them because they show me that contrary to what people are saying, we haven’t given up. We win and we lose as a team. Some loses are tough and so are some wins. I may be an overly positive person but I truly believe that every player on that team wants to be there. Is fighting to be there. And knows that they have to rely on each other to succeed. 

I’ve heard the term “fair weather fan” too many times this season for my liking. Is it true? Sometimes. But then there’s those fans like my roommate who has been sick for the past two days and still got her butt out of bed to cheer on the dawgs. 

Then there’s people like me. I’ve been told once or twice I’m not a “real” Georgia fan because I’ve only started cheering for them since college. I don’t know how I couldn’t be more of a Georgia fan. I didn’t have a team in high school. College sports aren’t big where I’m from. I haven’t found an NFL team. 

I’m completely invested in everything Georgia. Especially football. I work for the athletic department. I spend 20+ hours a week there, work practice for four hours, I was up at 6:30 for work today and I left at 4:30. I love every single second of my job. Just like I love every single aspect of Georgia football. Win or lose its dawgs forever. I could never cheer for another team. 

So I hope that when you’re a fan you go to every game you can and scream as loud as you can for those on the field (oh how I WISH I could cheer in the press box). No matter what your record is, what rumors or going around, or the craziness of the season, that team is your team. Like the Dawgs are mine. 

P.s. Check out the story I wrote about (5x captain this season) defensive tackle Sterling Bailey


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