Aka the one game Georgia students plan for a year in advance. 

I myself have still never taken part of the event that is Frat Beach. Maybe next year when my friends and I can get our plans aligned I’ll be there. 

Regardless, even though I’m not on Frat Beach, I did make it to another beach today. Jacksonville Beach. 

My friends and I left Athens this morning while it was still dark out (getting out of bed this morning was a struggle). But we made great time and we were all on the beach by 3 (okay so that’s a little late but it’s a long drive so cut us some slack). 

So I was a happy camper this afternoon. I finally got back to the beach. Being “land locked” (which to me is being more than 20 minutes from the coast) for the last two months has been taxing. I was in dire need of salt water and rolling waves. 

And I got just that today. 

There was sand between my toes and the toll of the waves lulled me to sleep. I love sleeping on the beach. 

It was relaxing, it was quiet, and it was exactly what I needed after how stressful this semester has been. 

Going to frat beach would have been just as fun but no where near as quiet or relaxing (probably would have left with a headache as well). 

So after a lovely afternoon on the beach, we chilled out, got some dinner, and we’re going to end the night with ice cream (two for one at Publix. Holla) and some “Big Bang Theory.” Sounds like a great way to end the day to me. 

Then tomorrow it begins. 

We take on the Water lizards (aka the Gators) and I FINALLY GET TO BE A FAN AND CHEER. I’M SO EXCITED. 



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