This weekend was exactly what I needed

I finally got a break from the craziness that has been my life lately.

For one, there were no sporting events that I had to work this weekend. I don’t think that has happened since August.

So, with my ample of amounts of free time this weekend, I was able to relax and get done some much needed errands.

I have also slept in the past TWO days (I can’t remember the last time I was able to do that) and my room is finally back to normalcy (I was getting close to not being able to see my floor).

I channeled my inner “fall” as well this weekend.

The weekend started with a Halloween party with friends (I’ll admit my costume was on the lame/less creative side compared to some of theirs, but it was comfortable and it all came from my closet). The party was okay, but I hadn’t seen my friends in almost two weeks so being able to see them was worth going to the party.

Yesterday, after reorganizing my pantry, I found canned pumpkin. So I decided to try out making pumpkin bread (after I finally got the cans open. Can openers hate lefties). I made the bread, and it came out great. I also had so much batter left over that I made pumpkin muffins and cake. Then my roommate brought home pumpkin bread her mom made. It was a pumpkin-filled Saturday afternoon.

Then my friends and I went to Washington Farms last night for the corn maze. Who ever thought plowing a corn field in a pattern would make people want to pay to walk through it? Well, we certainly did. Got the big maze done in 27 minutes and the small one done in 11. Then, one of the best parts of Washington Farms, we went on the pillow. Which is essentially what it sounds like. It’s filled with air, anchored to the ground, and you get to jump on it (as long as you don’t get kicked off for doing flips. Lame). I forgot how much energy jumping around takes, we were all breathing hard.

As for today, I slept late, helped out a friend with a project and got lunch out of it, and now I’m just relaxing. Which is so nice.

This chill weekend was much needed.

Somehow midterm week turned into midterm month and I just haven’t stopped. Whether it was school, work, games, or trying to have a social life, I feel like I’ve been a stressed out zombie (I’m sure with the lack of sleep lately I’ve looked like one).

Although, at this point, I’m in the home stretch. Less than a month until Thanksgiving break then before I know it it’s going to be Christmas.

So I’m milking the rest of today for what it’s worth. I have no steadfast plans and the way the day is going I might be in bed before 11 (kinda sad how that’s an exciting thought. I can be such a grandma sometimes).



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