Pizza and sweatpants

Sometimes there is not a more perfect combination.

That was the case tonight.

The school day was long (I was on campus before 8:30), practice started early, ran late, and by the time I had left campus it was 7:15 (almost 12 hours). I still hadn’t eaten dinner yet. Georgia is in that funky weather phase where it’s winter in the morning, summer at noon, and fall by the evening. So I’m already all kinds of confused and exhausted (I really have to stop going to bed after midnight but cute boy. Hanging out with cute boy usually always wins over sleep).

So all I wanted to do was come home and chill (and fit in some studying here and there. This semester can’t be over soon enough. I have too many countdowns…).

Work clothes off, sweatpants and tee-shirt on. Much better.

Then came the issue of food. Well, nothing was defrosted and my roommate hasn’t eaten yet so…

When in doubt, with no leftovers (even if they’re frozen), order pizza.

I don’t know what was up with Pete the Pizza Maker tonight but from the time we ordered the pizza to the time it was delivered, it nearly took an hour (usually it’s 30 minutes tops).  But what matters is, is that it got here and it wasn’t cold.

I have eaten, I am comfortable, and now I just have to find the motivation to study. Ugh.

This is a 1000 level class and it shouldn’t be stressing me out as much as it is -_-.

On the bright side after Friday I get a slight break from assignments for the rest of the month (because you know they all start up again after Georgia-Florida. I honestly can’t figure out why teachers assign things for the week following that game. Haven’t they figured out that NO ONE, football fan or not, does homework over that weekend? It’s called fall BREAK for a reason. Granted it is only one day but you get my point. Don’t professors remember what it was like trying to balance getting good grades, having a part-time job, trying to have a social life, and attempting to get some sleep that way you weren’t completely reliant on caffeine?).

*Sigh* I can’t wait for this weekend. I can sleep in, I can clean my disaster of a room, and hang out with some friends. Then spend Sunday doing all of the work that’s going to get assigned within the next two days.

Oh college. I love and hate you at the same time.

But, tonight was a win.

I got pizza.

I have my sweatpants.

My roommate is playing some killer Twenty-One Pilots right now.

The cute boy must think I’m somewhat normal because he’s still texting me 🙂

And I don’t have any classes tomorrow!

That means I get to leave campus before 2 pm for once. *Insert shocked and excited face here*


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