Almost 10 hours of sister bonding time

And I must really like hanging out with these girls because I was up way too early for the little amount of sleep I got last night (I love my job but the sleep deprivation is starting to get to me).

So what better way to start off bonding than huddling together to keep warm, half asleep, in the early hours in the morning?

Well, that and krispy creme donuts. Now if only they were warm…

So we learned some new games (I never thought I would do the Jack and Rose pose in the middle of a park), learned some new songs (at times like those I wish I had a decent voice. I’m pretty sure I could pass as mildly tone def), and brainstormed some great sisterhood activities (anything with food and a Disney movie is a win in my book).

Oh! And we got Moe’s for lunch. Sadly that’s the first time I’ve had Moe’s since last April? Either way, it was just as delicious as I remember.

Then we decided to go exploring.

I have never been to Sandy Creek park but I would readily go back (really wish I had an eno or kayak on hand). There are nature trails and the views of the lake are stunning. And it’s massive. We were there all day but I don’t think I saw half of the park.

And of course, we got to the personal stuff. There were tears, but deeper bonds were formed.

I even stood up. I hate public speaking. I was seriously shaking the entire time. I managed to keep from crying but I was scared out of my mind just standing up and talking in front of those girls.

It’s not that I don’t trust them, and I know they must trust me because I wasn’t the only one who stood up and shared a story. Some of the things they have gone through, and the strength they have is astounding. I don’t know if I could have stuck it out like some of them did. And I applaud them for it (or snaps. We like snapping).

Speaking in front of crowds is just one of those things that get to me. It’s a majority of the reason I switched from broadcast journalism. No one likes a shaky anchor. But the fact that I was brave enough to stand up today, attempt to conquer a fear of mine, and share a very personal story with these girls speaks volumes.

It shows how much I (well, all of us really) already trust these people whom I have known for less than three months. I never realized how a group setting can do that.

We each joined and stayed for our own reasons but we all seem to have the same thoughts. We love being here, we love what we stand for, we love who we are, and we love the people that we have surrounded ourselves with.

That was worth the 5ish hours of sleep I got last night.



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