I’m a morning person

But functioning on four hours of sleep is enough to make most people reconsider. 

Especially when it happens two days in a row. In the middle of the week. And you have zero opportunities to sleep in. 

Let me provide some background first.

Sacrificing sleep these past two days was all on my own accord. I didn’t originally plan for that to happen. I’m the type of person who’s usually in bed before 11. 

So here’s what happened the first time. 

A friend and I made plans, it’s midterm month, Facebook messenger sucks, and we didn’t go out until 10 as opposed to 7. 

But. I had a good milkshake and great conversation. And when it’s cold the ice cream doesn’t melt as quickly so you don’t even realize how fast time is going. 

So that was Wednesday night. 

Last night, Brad Paisley was in town. It was a concert. A free concert. On campus. 

Of course I went. 

It was great, he was great (seriously he’s one of the best live performers I’ve seen. Those guitar skills), and traffic was somehow avoided. 

I was surprised when I looked at my watch and noticed that it ended BEFORE 10 pm. I have never been to a concert that has gotten out earlier than 11. So the night was young. 

Did I have a test today? Yes. Did I want to study after the hype from a concert? Eh…not really. 

And then a cute boy asked me if I wanted to hang out. I figured I could study after. 

Well. The Falcons game was on. So that didn’t end until after 11. Then my roommates’ cat entertained the three of us for over an hour (he is quite the performer). 

So by the time we had a one-on-one conversation, it was 2 am. And I really needed to get some sleep. I said good bye and went to bed. 

Oh 6:30 you are a cruel time. 

Insert one cup of coffee, the test, class from 9-2:15, work from 2:30-5, then a game at 6:15. 

I may have enough time for a nap between work and the soccer game tonight. 


At this point I’m convinced that there’s something in the air that allows college students to function on minimal sleep and caffeine (to be honest I could use another cup, or two, of coffee). 

Will I be able to function like this once I graduate? Maybe. Maybe not. 

As for now I’ll take it and run with it because I’m okay with sacrificing a few hours of sleep to talk to a cute guy. 



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