What’s it like to have Friday Night Lights?

For the most part while here at Georgia, I have been able to relate to experiences people around me have had. I did grow up somewhere different, but I grew up in the same country at the same time. More or less I have been able to understand the conversation. That is, until today.

I was watching the press conference and someone asked Jake Ganus how he felt about the Missouri game on Saturday being a night game.

He said he was excited and that it should remind the guys of high school, “You know Friday Night Lights.”

And at that moment, I was dumbfounded. I had no way to relate to that. I never experienced Friday night lights at my school (little background for those who don’t know, I went to a college prep high school. Sports were subpar and football was not on the list of things to sign up for).

My friend last night even said “HOW DID YOU NOT HAVE FOOTBALL?!”

Sure I have been to night games at UGA and I have seen the show “Friday Night Lights,” so I understand the hype. I just can’t relate to it.

I didn’t see the town didn’t shut down at 6 for a 7pm kick-off. There were no posters outside teammate’s houses or local stores decked out with school colors.

I was never sitting in bleachers with my friends, all decked out in school colors, watching our friends, brothers, and significant others out on the field.

There were no gut wrenching moments in the last seconds of the 4th quarter on the 25 yard line, tied score, and a 4th down. No gripping one another praying the play would work, and no jumping up and down with excitement with beating our rival.

So it does make me a little sad that I never got to experience that (i.e. one of the major reasons I decided to come to a big football school. I had some lost time to make up for). But I did get to experience other things in high school that I traded off for that.

I guess I’ll have to live out my Friday night lights experience through UGA kick-offs after 6, coach Taylor (because I was a Panther, he was a Panther, it works), and any movie about high school football.

Maybe one day I’ll live in a high school football town. If I have boys, maybe they’ll play on the team. If I have girls, maybe they’ll cheer for them. And then I’ll get to wear the school colors, and grip my husband during that 4th down play.


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