So since it’s the middle of October, seeing Halloween costume commercial’s doesn’t infuriate me anymore.

The more I think about it, the more I realize how much I love Halloween (probably has to do with the fact that I watched way too many Halloween-themed cooking shows on the Food Network yesterday but that’s besides the point).

Now, for those of you who don’t know, New Jersey has this awesome thing called the Asbury Park Zombie Walk. They tried to “kill it off” but it was “resurrected” this year (yes I know, all the clichés). And it’s so much fun. You can dress up as much or as little as you like. Some people go all out with themed costume groups and make-up, while others put on a little make up or reuse an old costume. It’s all in good fun.

Sadly, I haven’t been since 2012 because it’s in the middle of October and I have been here in the fine state of Georgia since 2013 during the fall. On the bright side my parents sent me pictures yesterday.

Anyway, my favorite part about Halloween is the costumes (candy is a very close second). Since I was 14 I have been “putting together” my costumes. Which pretty much means I’m not spending $60+ on something I would wear once a year. I buy pieces that compliment clothes I already have and some how make it come together.

In high school I managed an evil pixie (my hair was on point but those wings were annoying as anything), a witch (striped tights. Never again), a pirate (it was my costume from 8th grade so I didn’t even have to get anything), and Dorothy (sparkly red vans. They’re awesome).

In college, it’s a little different. Halloween always falls on the weekend of Georgia-Florida. So we tend to dress up the week leading up to Halloween instead of on the actual day. (Freshman year was an exception because I got to fly home and recreated the Halloween hurricane Sandy STOLE from me my senior year of high school).

Last year I wore three different Halloween costumes in one week. I didn’t even know that was possible. At Relay for Life’s Halloween party the sailor reprised itself, at the Redcoat’s party I was Rosie the Riveter (again hair was on point), and on the actual day of Halloween my roommate and I dressed up as mermaids (Green scale leggings. I have worn them more than once).

This year I will be dressing up as a Georgia fan because I’ll be cheering the Dawgs on from Jacksonville. Unfortunately I won’t be trading KitKat’s for Reese’s with my best friend or looking at all the decorations around the neighborhood. That time of my life has come and gone for the time being.

So the Food Network and all of their Halloween-themed baking shows will have to get me through the rest of the month

But don’t get me wrong, I can still pass for a high schooler and if given the chance, I will go trick-or-treating.


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