I can now add chicken parm to the list

Of things I can cook that is.

One more recipe to be added to the document I have on my desktop (I only save recipes that I have tried and come out edible).

Now, making chicken parm is not the neatest of processes.

I spilled oil on the floor, the stove top, and had to do dishes three different times.

But everything is cleaned up, my meal came out delicious, and I’m proud of myself. So that’s what matters, right?

I have to say, I think the types of food you are good at cooking is genetic. I.e. I’m Italian so in theory I should be able to make (and I have) some pretty bangin’ Italian food. I’m not saying every Italian knows how to cook Italian or even that non-Italians can’t. I’m just taking my observations and seeing if the results support my hypothesis (Yeah that’s the most amount of science-speak I’ve done since I was 18. Blech. Bring me AP Style any day)

Thus far, knock on wood, every time I have made something Italian on my own it has come out great. Homemade sauce, meatballs (no i’m not talking about this past weekend, I made it by myself for the first time lats fall), lasagna, and now chicken parm. I’ve had other people eat it and there were no complaints during the meal (and no one got sick the next day).

I’ve done “American” food pretty well, more or less. (I did figure out how to make BBQ ribs in a crock-pot. I’m sure some diehard BBQ people died a little bit reading that but hey, I’m a college student. I don’t have a smoker on hand. I don’t even have a crock-pot anymore). But there are some other nationalities that I haven’t seemed to nail down quite yet.

As of right now I can’t make a quesadilla in a skillet to save my life. One side is golden brown while the other gets a little singed. The cheese falls out when I flip it and then that burns in the pan. Praise the lord I have salsa to cover up the burnt taste in my mouth. So as you can see, Mexican is still a process.

I’ve done pretty well with Chinese stir-fry but I always think it comes out too oily. Yes I know Chinese food is a little more on the oily-side than most but you would think making it on your own you’d be able to reduce the amount. That one is another work in progress.

To be honest I haven’t ventured farther than those four categories (I want to make those with efficiency first before I expand my cooking prowess). But there’s still more within those palettes that I can try.

Maybe I should start small and try to make chicken enchilada soup or or some sort of Chinese pork dish.

Who am I kidding. I have sausage in the freezer. My next endeavor will probably be sausage and peppers. Hmm. Over pasta or on a roll? Decisions, decisions (and of course they all include carbs).

But seriously, I am getting to be a really good cook.


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