Time just seems to get away from me

Let me start off by saying I am so sorry I haven’t been more consistent. Last week was a blur and the weekend was full of rain. I’ll try to remedy that in the future.

So I have much to catch up on and a lot to say.

Let’s start with the good news: My parents were in town for the weekend.

This is the first semester that I have been in college that I have been able to see them twice before coming home for Thanksgiving. It truly is a blessing. For those of you who go to school out of state, you know what I mean.

For me, it’s always nice if there’s a long time between the last time I called or texted someone. And that’s because it usually means that I’m physically with them. I didn’t have to call my Mom or my Dad because they were sitting on my couch.

We also made up for some serious bonding time. And there is no better way to bond than over food. So that’s exactly what we did.

My Dad and I spend all of yesterday prepping and cooking homemade spaghetti and meatballs (aka my favorite meal. Ever). My kitchen was covered in tomato splatters, almost all of my dishes were dirty, and my house here smelled like home. I loved it.

I decided to share my delicious fortune with some friends so they could experience real Italian food. I heard zero complaints and they got along with my parents. Win-win.

We laughed, some laughed so hard they cried, and everyone got along (which doesn’t always happen. I’m really lucky to have cool parents). I said good-bye to my friends around 9:45, I helped my Mom clean the kitchen (that really made me feel like I was back at home), and I got to bed a little later than usual. But it was worth it.

As for the recipe, that’s a family secret. Either you can try to deduce what exactly goes in it or you have to marry in. Sorry. No exceptions 🙂

As for today, I said good-bye to my parents this morning after breakfast, and sadly I won’t see them again until Thanksgiving morning (I have a flight that morning at 6 am. Yay -_-). But I’m so glad they came and it made the weekend much more enjoyable. Which was needed.

If you keep up at all in college sports you will know that Georgia was crushed by Alabama this weekend (That’s the bad news if you hadn’t guessed).

So the bad news. I’ll call this section: Learning to Lose.

Let me start by saying that the loss was no one person’s fault. It was a team effort. (Or lack there of) We just got out played. Plain and simple.

Everyone has off-days, just like every team has off-games.

Unfortunately it just happened to be the most hyped game of the season.

We were cold, we were wet, and we were disappointed more so than sad. We talked a good game, but we just couldn’t deliver.

Alabama did, there’s no doubt. They’re a great team, I just wish we had beaten them.

So, learning to lose. Everyone has to. No one always wins, it’s just not possible.

When you lose, you should do it gracefully. And I think we did. Coach Richt laid it all out on the table. We were “outcoached” and “outplayed.” No gimmicks, no excuses. Just what happened in those 60 minutes.

Did we trash talk? Yes. But what school doesn’t?

Did we talk a big game? Of course. We bleed Red and Black.

But did we realize we didn’t play to our potential and our opponent did? Yes.

So that’s the point I’m trying make. When you lose, you have to own up to it. No back talk, no slamming the refs, no blaming specific players. You play as a team, you work as a team, and you come together as a nation.

Learning to lose is not a fun road to travel down. Eventually everyone has to do it, even Alabama.

Well. That was depressing. So let me end on a lighter note.

I have an entire freezer full of homemade sauce and I got to help my Dad make it. Life doesn’t get much tastier than that.



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