Love the little things, and pizza

Sometimes you just have a really long day.

You’ve been on campus all day (literally every part of campus. North, South, East, and West). Nearly 12 hours. And you’re going to be there in another 12 hours.

You walk into the door to your house and your roommate goes, “I ordered pizza.”

And they offer to share.

*Insert dying of happiness here*

So there is pizza on the way at the moment. I am a very happy girl.

I mean, pizza makes most people happy anyway but when it’s unexpected and on it’s way after a long day, it’s even more special.

That I would count as a “little thing.” Something that’s totally random/unplanned and gives you a ridiculous amount of joy.

Another one today was that I saw the sun today. I don’t think I’ve seen sunshine, or my shadow outside, since we crushed South Carolina (for those of you who don’t know that was almost two weeks ago).

Now, that I think about it, it’s been a day filled of “little things.”

  • I had a conversation with one of my favorite football players today at practice (even though he almost knocked me out with the ball)
  • I got free ice cream at a social (toppings bar>>>)
  • I realized I have another two days before a quiz (praise)
  • A friend reminded me about a homework assignment that’s due at midnight (which I totally spaced about).

These days don’t happen very often, but when they do they’re really nice.

But back to what really matters, my roommate ordered pizza.

No. 1 roommate award right here.

And we both like the same kind of pizza (which is a bonus because we all know even when there’s pizza, even if we don’t particularly like the toppings, we eat it. We just don’t enjoy it as much and we secretly wish it had something else on it).

Now Ray just needs to hurry up with our order because we’re two stressed out college girls who are in dire need of pizza. *Sigh* online tracking is a beautiful and stressful thing.

Ah! Ray has arrived with the goods. I heart pizza. Even Dominos thing crust with pepperoni light sauce isn’t too bad either.

So message for the night: love your roommates, pizza, and the little things.



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