Or late night gym.

Now, let me preface by saying that I am a morning person. And any time I can get my workout done before 11 am is a good day. But those days don’t happen so often.

Mostly because a) I value sleep and b) I have class four days a week. So gym time gets relegated to after work or between finishing class and starting my homework.

But there are some days when the light gets away from you and you find yourself walking into the gym at 9 at night. And sometimes that’s really nice.

It’s less packed and MUCH quieter. Parking is less of a hassle and at that point, all you have left to do is exhaust yourself. More often than not, you’re done with class/work for the day, have done some homework, and checked some things off of your “To-do” list.

You’ve hit that point of exhaustion when your body gives you an adrenaline rush. Granted it’s only good for an hour or so but my Mom always said it’s better to do something for an hour than nothing at all.

So I got “something” done, which was a bonus because with the way my Monday schedule is I usually don’t make it to the gym.

I guess the point I’m trying to make here is that you should try to do something, even if it’s for 30 minutes, everyday. It makes you feel better and it keeps your body moving.

As a society, and especially as students, we sit too much staring at a computer screen (oh the irony right now). Yes Netflix is bae but don’t forget that there is an outside world too.

On days where the gym just doesn’t cut it I wish I could go for a jog on the boardwalk. Running by the ocean always makes the miles go faster. But alas, I am 800 miles from my boardwalk and four hours from the Georgia coast. So, for now, the indoor track at Ramsey and walking around my apartment complex are just going to have to cut it *sigh*.

I was able to accomplish a lot today. Class, work, homework, roommate bonding time with cookies (these cookies are what happiness tastes like), chapter, and a workout. Is it really only Monday? It feels like Wednesday. Seriously.

On the bright side I only have work tomorrow (Tuesdays are my favorite days. I spend all day at work and I don’t have any classes. I’m a very happy girl).

Oh! Tomorrow is also National Coffee Day! Be sure to treat yourself to that extra cup my fellow caffeine addicts! Promo moment: Krispy creme is giving away a free donut and cup of coffee and Dunkin is giving away a free coffee too (sadly I am nowhere near a Wawa 😦 they’re giving away a free cup of any size). Enjoy!



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