I hope you…

I hope you scream until your voice is gone.

I hope you get chills on your skin and tears in your eyes when you hear your alma mater.

I hope you shake the stands and give the players the encouragement they need.

I hope you and you friends use this as an excuse to come to gather and cheer on your team.

I hope you stay loyal to those players on the field no matter the score.

But most of all, I hope you go to every.single.game.

There are early mornings, late nights, cold days, and hot days.

There are even cupcake games. But you should be there anyway.

Today the University of Georgia played the Southern University Jaguars. Until this past week I didn’t even know where Southern University was. Long story short, they’re one of the schools who we pay to play us to boost our rankings and fund their athletic program. That, however, is a different matter on it’s own.

What I’m talking about is the students screaming in the stands. Or lack there of.

Although I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the turnout. The weather was cold and wet and it was an early kick-off. But there were people whipping those shakers around in their raincoats.

What did disappoint me, was the amount of people I saw post in the buy/sell ticket group who were selling their tickets as well as people I knew who were skipping the game. That I just can’t fathom.

Being a student at any college for such a finite period of time. Regardless of what your big sport is (football, basketball, soccer, etc), you should go to every single game that you can (that is unless you had a family emergency or obligation, that is understood).

I truly believe that the real (student) fans are those who are there for every home game (away is a little more tricky. There’s cost and travel that have to be factored in). What better is there than to scream for those players who wear the symbol of your school on their jerseys? To show them that you believe in them and your school as much as they do? I can’t think of too much.

My roommate put it perfectly yesterday, “I don’t miss any Georgia games.” She and I have both sat through pouring rain and 3 o’clock heat to watch our team. We are not so easily deterred.

You should also be there because I have played for empty stands. I have played when there are more opponent fans then home fans at a home game. It makes you feel like your peers/fans don’t care. Whether it be your record or your opponent, everyone wants to be cheered on. It’s energy like no other.

You run faster, you dig down deeper, and you give all you can. The effect that encouragement has on people is nothing short of astounding.

So many of you are probably reading this and thinking, “Why would I sit around when I know we’re going to win and nothing interesting is going to happen?”

Oh how wrong you are.

Something interesting, whether it be positive or negative, always happens. Records can be set or broken, you could see a nationally ranked marching band, or a player could get injured. How can you think nothing interesting will happen?

Undergrad is such a short time and yes you can come back as alum but it’s not the same thing and you know I’m right.

So I will leave you with this,

I hope you give it all you have cheering for your team every single game for the whole season for as long as you can.



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