Finding Strength in Others

When I decided to go Greek, I never thought about the multitude of things I would be exposed to or experience.

I knew I would meet a whole new group of friends, go to a few socials, and go on a date night or two. But I never expected to be so moved by what my future sisters had to say so early.

Tonight in chapter, which is really where everyone is getting to know one another, we did an activity called leaves and roots.

We were broken up into groups of ten, leaves are things that you readily tell people or things they can tell by looking at you. Roots, however, are on the more personal level. They are the things that you tell your most trusted friends, and what better way to bond with people than divulge some of your most private thoughts.

And that’s exactly what we did tonight. We didn’t think twice about it.

We went around the group and gave a quick blurb from our trees and leaves, but then something else happened. We were asked if anyone would volunteer and share a leaf and a root with the whole chapter.

I was barely comfortable telling the nine other girls in my group what I had written down. There was no way I would stand up in front of 100+ people that I barely know and tell them something very few people know.

I was not brave enough to do that tonight, but some pretty amazing women were.

The 30 second snippets of stories I heard blew my mind. I will not disclose the contents because it is not my place to do so, but let me tell you, I hope I have that amount of courage one day.

Some of the things they said, I didn’t think that it was possible for people my age, or younger, to have gone through that. It’s one of those “oh it could never happen to me and I don’t know anyone it has happened to” type thing. It doesn’t seem real until you have a connection with it.

I may not know the name of every single girl who stood up tonight, but I do have a connection to them. We are all part of Delta Phi Epsilon. We all chose to be there. And they chose to disclose personal information because they trusted us enough.

In the past three weeks I have met some pretty amazing girls, who I probably wouldn’t have met otherwise, and I’m able to relate to them.

We all come from different backgrounds, majors, and much more. But I already feel a bond with these girls. Maybe it’s because since we all decided to do this that the initial “getting to know you” barriers have just disappeared. I have learned more about some of these girls than I have about people I met freshman year.

Maybe that’s what being part of a sorority is about. It’s hard to think like that because on the outside all you see are the oversized tee-shirts and date-night pictures. But once you’re able to be on the other side, you have an opportunity to meet some amazing people.



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