I never liked cleaning

Until I got to college. Yeah I know. CRAZY.

Weird as it sounds, now even having a messy room stresses me out. That’s probably because it’s where I do my homework (and I try to have everything in it’s place on my desk) and it’s where people first get their glimpse of “me” (and who wants to be remembered as the girl who had books and papers all over the place, piles of clothes laying around, and an unmade bed? Not me).

Unless I’ve known you since I was 6 or younger, chances are you will not be entering my room unless it is up to my standards of clean.

Cleaning, honestly, is also a break from doing homework. Sitting at a desk staring at words on a page or a screen gets very old, very fast. So when I reach that near breaking point, it’s time to clean (at least a little).

So I break up Sundays (because it just happens that I always have so much work to do on Sundays. Ugh. And it was so pretty out today too) by rotating in cleaning with homework.

Laundry is actually my favorite because I have to start it, switch loads, and then put it away. That’s three distractions. And usually if I have enough I can call someone while I’m folding (it makes me feel social).

Then there’s the overall picking up of my room. Throughout the course of the week my clothes make it back into my room, but not always back into my closet or their respective drawers. Yet another distraction from homework, picking up whatever is on the floor and putting it away.

I also made the mistake of having a light colored rug that sheds (like a dog I might add. It’s wool) this year. I have to vacuum that at least twice a week because a) it shows everything and b) it does not help my OCD.

Then there’s cleaning the bathroom. That’s probably my least favorite thing to do but it fills me with the most sense of accomplishment because who doesn’t love coming back to a clean bathroom? Plus dirty bathrooms are just gross. They shouldn’t be a thing. Ever.

So yes. I enjoy cleaning. Mainly because it’s only two rooms (the rest of the house is on a clean-as-we-go type of ordeal) and I get a break from doing work.

I’m sure my Mom is reading this with her jaw on the ground, fellow friends might agree, and others might think I’m crazy. I’m sure that when I’m older and I’m responsible for a bigger space and more laundry, I’ll be wishing for homework to do instead.

But for now, I’ll enjoy the breaks cleaning provides me for the time being.

Of course it’s not always immaculate and do I forget to make my bed everyday? Yes. But I’m improving, and that’s what counts in the long run, right?



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